True Blood Season 7 Finale Recap: Thank You

By April Lara | 3 years ago
True Blood Season 7 Finale Recap: Thank You
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Finally, the season finale of “True Blood” is here. The final episode was entitled “Thank You.” Grab some paper towel with you as the finale was indeed heartbreaking. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

We all know that Bill has a death wish — he does not want to take the cure. This was a shocker for all “True Blood” fans, especially that now that Alcide was dead, and Sookie has come to her senses that it was really Bill all along, then suddenly, Bill decided to die. However, he wasn’t t done with his death wish yet, though, because he wanted Sookie to do it for him. He wanted Sookie to be the one to kill him because he thinks that this will both set them free from each other. and Sookie will be able to live normally, with no more vampires lining up her door. Bill also thought that he’s doing this all for his love for Sookie because staying alive means being with her, but at the same time neglecting her from a lot of things such as bearing children because they can’t have any. Sookie told Bill that she would think about it.

As for Eric, he glamoured Sarah into drinking Pam’s blood to set her free while Mr. Gus followed them, they were able to kill some Yakuza. Eric flew to Sookie’s house before she got killed by another Yakuza, and he also set Mr. Gus on fire. Meanwhile, Pam went to look for Sarah. When she found her, Sarah requested that she turn her into a vampire. She even offered to become lovers with Pam. However, Pam wanted something from Sarah — a vaccination.

Jessica and Hoyt got married because of Bill. He explained to Jessica that since he won’t be able to walk her down the aisle, he wanted to be certain that Jessica will have someone who will love her truly. So Jessica and Hoyt got married, where Jason served as Hoyt’s best man. Andy was the one who initiated the service, and Bill left his home to him, but he should let Hoyt and Jessica rent it for a dollar a month.

Sookie heard Bill’s thoughts for the first time during the wedding. Bill’s thoughts were all about pain and happiness and how much he loves Sookie. Before the wedding, Sookie went to Jason first and confided in him about Bill’s request. All Jason told him is that he’s going to love her no matter what decision she makes. Sookie also had a flashback of her and Tara as kids, when Tara has a huge crush on Jason. However, Sookie told her that she would never find someone to be with because of their nasty thoughts. Then Gran came into the scene, telling them that they only get limited because of the limitations that we make on our own selves. With this flashback, Sookie made a decision that she’s going to do what Bill wants.

She arranged Bill’s grave, and she met with him in the cemetery. There were a lot of tears and a moment of hesitation, but then Sookie still went through with it and staked Bill. She was covered in blood and mud, and then after an eternity of crying in Bill’s coffin, she got up and walked home.

After that heartbreaking scene, the episode jumped to a year later, and we saw Eric and Pam on a bad infomercial for New Blood. Three years after that, we saw them at the New York Stock Exhange, then we saw them at Fangtasis, back in business. Sarah was still there, a prostitute, and Pam was charging people $100,000 for a minute to drink Sarah Newlin’s blood.

Meanwhile, we saw Sookie hosting a thanksgiving dinner at her house. Jason was there with Brigette and their three kids. Every one was there except for Pam and Eric. Then we saw Sookie was pregnant. She was with a man, but we didn’t see his face. After everything, Sookie was able to live a normal life.

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Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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