True Blood Season 7 Recap: Almost Home

By April Lara | 3 years ago
True Blood Season 7 Recap: Almost Home
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In the latest episode of “True Blood” Season 7 Episode 8 “Almost Home” (aired Aug. 10, 2014), someone has been cured while someone refused to be cured. Read on for the full recap.

Sarah Newlin, the cure, was still having visions of Jason who was talking about her death. These visions are driving her crazy that she walked out the door to meet her destiny, which was to be killed by Eric Northman. Before Eric could kill her, Pam stopped him and told him not to kill her, even threatening Eric that she would kill herself if she killed Sarah. Enraged, Eric did not kill Sarah but bit her neck. And just like that, Eric was cured!

Meanwhile, Sookie and Bill  continued having intimate time with each other. Lettie Mae and Lafayette started digging someone’s front yard because Lettie Mae knew that it might lead them to Tara. In order for them to know this, the two women and Reverend Daniels took James’ blood. After that, they immediately saw a flashback when both Tara and Lafayette were still young. Along with Sookie, they celebrated Tara’s birthday. However, we also saw Tara’s father who doesn’t seem to be enjoying his daughter’s birthday.

It turned out that what was buried in the graveyard was the gun of Tara’s father. Tara was the one who buried the gun as we saw her holding his father’s gun, and when they were able to retrieve the gun, Tara appeared, apologizing to her mother because she wasn’t able to pull the trigger. Tara asked for forgiveness from her mother, and Lettie Mae forgave her and she disappeared — for good.

Bridget dropped a huge bomb by telling Hoyt that she wants to have kids, and judging from Hoyt’s reaction, he doesn’t want to have any kids. Violet sent a message to Jason about Adilyn and Jessica tied up. He immediately went to Hoyt, but when he got there, Bridget was the one who left with him. Bridget wasn’t really happy with Hoyt not being fond to become a father.

When they got to Violet’s place, they saw Adilyn, Wade, Jason and Jessica gagged in their location. In fact, she was so mad that she even threatened to cut off Wade’s fingers and other brutal plans. Luckily, Hoyt came and started shooting at Violet, and she died. Jessica was so impressed with what Hoyt did and found another side of him. However, Bridget ran to Hoyt, but he also cannot contain his attraction to Jessica.

Jessica then gave her thanks to Hoyt for saving them, unaware that Bridget heard their whole conversation. Bridget went to Jason to comfort him. She also wanted to ask about Jessica’s identity, but Jason did not want to tell her anything. Jason took Jessica home. On the way home, they talked that it would be much better if they become friends and maintain that.

Mr. Gus Jr. now has Sarah, and he was ready to market Sarah’s blood as New Blood. However, he had other plans for her blood. He wanted to make it into a healthy habit, not a cure.

While Bill was sleeping, someone knocked on the door, and Sookie answered it. Lo and behold! It was the glorious Eric Northman who told her that he came there to enlighten Sookie that Bill will be okay. Sookie told him that his status to an unhappy Eric. Sookie decided to take matters into her own hands despite Eric’s promise. She went to Fangtasia, and she found Mr. Gus Jr. Aside from that, she also found Sarah and Sookie went to Bill and brought him to Fangtasia to get the cure but Bill refused.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore


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