True Blood Season 7 Recap: Karma

By April Lara | 3 years ago
True Blood Season 7 Recap: Karma
Anna Paquin at the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego. July 14, 2012. Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Previously on “True Blood” Season 7 Episode 6 “Karma” (air date: July 27, 2014), they finally found a cure for Hep-V. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

Eric fought hard to fight off the Yakuza, but he failed when he and Pam were captured and destined to die if they do not reveal where Sarah Newlin is. They had to spill the beans, or they would get fried under the blazing heat of the sun. And to make matters worse, they were already tied up in silver chains.

In other news, Bill’s Hep-V was  getting worse, and he was ready to let go and face his true death. He gave Jessica some reminders and things she needs to do when he passes.

After sharing an intimate moment with Lafayette, James had no place to go, so he went to Lafayette’s place and asked if he could crash there. Lettie Mae was there, but James left the house after a few drinks. Jason also shared an intimate moment with Jessica, and this made him hesitant to go back to Violet. However, when he got home, Violet was in a sexy lingerie, ready to pounce on Jason.

Eric and Pam revealed Sarah’s location to Mr. Gus, the head of the Yakuza. Amber caught up with her sister. When she awoke, she was ready to finish her off again only to be stopped by Sarah’s speech to convince her that she was not the bad guy after all.

Jessica asked Jason’s permission if she could get Sookie because Bill was dying. Violet got mad because Jason left for Jessica again. When Sookie got to Bill, she realized that it was her who infected Billwith  the virus. She remembered that he let Bill drank her blood, unaware that it was also the time Alcide died and she got sprayed with blood of the Hep-V vamps. She rushed to the hospital to get herself tested, and Jason accompanied her. At the hospital, Jason revealed his feelings for Jessica and Violet to Sookie, and Sookie gave some words of wisdom, which finally convinced Jason that he needed to leave Violet and be with Jessica.

Andy caught Adilyn and Wade having sex. Andy got so mad that he chased Wade, only to be stopped by Holly. Lafayette and Lettie Mae were still having dreams of Tara. Lettie Mae believed that Tara was trying to tell them something.

Sookie was positive of the Hep-V virus, and she told Jessica about this. They cried in each other’s arms. But don’t lose hope because there is a cure. It can be found in Sarah Newlin! Amber was healed when she drank Sarah’s blood.

Jason came home ready to break things off with Violet but found an empty house. He thought that he was already saved and didn’t have to break things off with her because she’s already gone. However, Violet was one step ahead of her when she found Adilyn and Wade and told them to come with her and leave their mobile phones behind. Uh-oh.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore


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