True Blood Season 7 Teaser Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 4 years ago
True Blood Season 7 Teaser Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]
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HBO has been providing us with great TV shows over the years and just last Sunday, April 20, 2014, the “True Blood” Season 7 teaser trailer was released. This is going to be the last season for the vampire show that has grown in our hearts.

Sadly, we’re going to bid goodbye to Sookie, Bill and Eric this 2014. But for sure, they are going to give us the most amazing adieu in the history of vampire TV shows!

E! Online reported about the new “True Blood” Season 7 teaser trailer which provided fans with clues on what to expect on the next (and last) season of the show. It looks like there are going to be new villains and deaths as well. Let’s not forget that there will be more revelations about Bill Compton and the future of Eric Northman (gasp!). Remember in “True Blood” Season 6 when we saw Northman burning in the sun? Is he going to be alive? It looks like he will make it and we’re going to see how is that going to be. Is he going to be like a zombie? If he is, then he will be the first vampire zombie in the history of vampire and zombie shows.

In “True Blood” Season 7, we will all get to meet a new character called The Figure and we will get to know more about Hepatitis V and Mr. Gus. The trailer also showed an attack happening in a Bon Temps church.

However, it looks like Sookie is standing alone when she says, “There’s no one left.” Are all of Bon Temps residents dead?

We can’t wait for “True Blood” Season 7 and we know for sure that this being the last season of the show, it’s going to be epic! A battle awaits and we wonder if the other cast members that we love such as Tara, Lafayette and Jason will be on the same side.

You don’t have to wait too long for your favorite Bon Temps shape-shifters, telepaths, fairies and vampires because they’re all coming soon.

“True Blood” Season 7 premieres on June 22, 2014.

Watch the “True Blood” Season 7 teaser trailer below:

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