True Detective Rumors Put to Rest by Alleged Season 2 Leaked Draft

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
True Detective Rumors Put to Rest by Alleged Season 2 Leaked Draft
Actor Matthew McConaughey at the 83rd Academy Awards.

True Detective” is considered one of the hit breakout TV shows in 2013 and, with greatly earned reputation, comes a handful of rumors pertaining to its latest updates for its second season. A recently leaked Season 2 script of “True Detective” somehow puts an end to the endless chatter. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

A lot of shows made its way into everybody’s TV in 2013, but “True Detective” really made its mark into everybody’s must-watch list. In the first season, the series featured the hailed Academy Award-winning Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, which helped ominously in the positive feedbacks from professional critics and avid fans.

Now, part of the rumors that circumnavigated the web is the possible involvement of A-list star, Brad Pitt, as it has been recently indicated that the latest season will be highlighting a male and a female lead. This then pooled the possibility of having America Ferrera to be included in the cast.

“That’s exciting! I loved the first season, I love doing drama as well as light-hearted, comedic stuff. When I chose something it’s all about the character; someone juicy to play! But sure! If they call me and offer it of course I would consider it!” said Ferrera in the Epoch Times report when asked about her opinion on the matter.

There’s also a rumor that “Mad Men” famed actor, Jon Hamm, could also be getting the lead role. However, in a dedicated blog for “True Detective,” it explained that his perfect fit for the role would appear repetitive —  all because he has the looks and the aura that exuded a carbon copy of Don Draper on “True Detective.”

The producers of the series simply allowed the rumors to spread without giving any hints about whether they are true or false. According to KpopStarz, their past remarks actually appeared contradictory to the recent press statements of the show. Be that as it may, if the recently leaked script is indeed correct, then majority of the previous rumors can now be set aside. In the leaked first draft of Season 2’s script, it indicated the focus of having only one male lead who gets co-starred by few actors.

Despite the many rumors about who is really playing what for the highly anticipated series, there are a couple of things that the fans can be sure of. First is that the series will be taking place in the sunny state of California, and second, its plot will be anchored in the dealings of materials inclined to conspiracy theories. Interesting enough? The viewers will really have to hold on to their seats as the season is expected to be released on HBO by January 2015.

That’s the latest update for the much-awaited HBO hit series “True Detective.” Continue to check Movie News Guide (MNG) for more news in the entertainment industry.

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