True Detective Season 3 Renewal Update: HBO Executive Provides Reasons for Delay!

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
True Detective Season 3 Renewal Update: HBO Executive Provides Reasons for Delay!
True Detective

True Detective Season 3 is in the making. The series might take a bit more time than expected to release. The HBO programming executive has lately communicated the reasons for the delay.

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The Season 1 of the HBO series has been perceived as a big success. But many agree that Season 2 somehow failed to impress. The appearances made by actors like Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell also could not help much in making it a great season. So no doubt, many are wondering what would True Detective Season 3 be like.

Why Season 3 Will Get A Late Release? 

Lately, Casey Bloys, the programming executive of HBO has hinted that he and the team are contemplating various possibilities. They want to present before the viewers a new season. Bloys also revealed that the writers have not yet finished with the scripting work for True Detective Season 3. So, they are actually waiting for the go signal from them.

Bloys also communicated that the team is also busy with the work of new season for Westworld. So True Detective Season 3 would take some time to come. They are giving priority to Westworld.

True Detective
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True Detective Season 3 Air Date and Cast 

Reports claim that Season 3 of the crime drama written by Nic Pizzolatto might go on air along with the new season of Westworld in 2018. But, it should be noted that these are mere speculations, nothing official has been announced yet.

It has also been reported that Matthew McConaughey and Colin Farrell are very interested in working in True Detective Season 3. But it has yet not been confirmed whether the two will appear in the new season or not, reports Game N Guide.

The Season 1 of the series aired on January 12, 2014. Would you like to say something to Bloys? Can Season 3 match the success of Season 1? Do you want an early release? Comments below!

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