Truman Show Is Set to Wow Audience in TV Series Form

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago

Hollywood, California – Truman Show, a big hit during the 90s, is going to be on a TV series though it is unofficial yet.

One of the many successful movies of Jim Carrey is the Truman Show. Paramount, the makers of the show, is very much aware of the success of the film. There are already plans to keep it running, but they have not signed contracts and hired people to do the work yet.

They are currently looking at all the contents they have regarding this huge product. They have gathered books, fictional movies, researches, and a whole lot more for this work. They want things to be perfect.

It Is Not Just Truman Show That Will Take on the Television

If you are a solid fan of Jim Carrey, you will hope that he will also be the one to star on the Truman Show for the TV series. If not, then, Paramount could be missing on a lot of potential. However, you can look at other members of their line-up and you will see that you have more choices.

The Alienist, a novel from the 1990s, is also being seen as one of materials to be put to better use on a TV series. One of the employees for Paramount went to the library and immediately got interested in the book. It is about an investigation of a murder case of Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy, alone, is already a magnet to viewers. What more if they add his death to it?

What Is the Magic Concealed in the Truman Show?

Truman Show was one of the reasons why there were so many issues regarding TV shows. In this movie, it showed that Jim Carrey unwittingly put his life in a “reality TV show” somehow explained the commodification of the participants in such particular production. It was a satirical film that aims to somehow expose the reality between reality TV shows.

It was so nicely done that it was nominated for three Oscars. Also, its box office profit totaled to $264 million. More importantly, this was Jim Carrey’s gateway to serious acting. He has proven in this film that he can do more than just comedy shows.

Truman Show is still being watched until now. There are people who watch it over and over again. There are those who have not watched it yet and decide to give it a chance. Will the TV series’ version be given a chance as well?

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