#TrumpBible: Donald Trump Gets His Own Version of the Bible, Courtsey the Twitterverse

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
#TrumpBible: Donald Trump Gets His Own Version of the Bible, Courtsey the Twitterverse
Donald Trump

Donald Trump may be boasting about his Presbyterian faith. However, he decided to keep mum when he was asked to pick a favorite Bible verse. This was when Twitterverse picked the tab and created a version of Bible that is exclusive to Trump. Read on for more details.

Trump may have been very vocal about his faith in God, but he couldn’t pick out a favorite Bible verse when he was asked to do so. When he was asked to share his favorite Bible verses, he claimed that he couldn’t share it because it was such a deeply personal question. He claimed that it meant so much to him that he didn’t want to get into the specifics. After this seemingly vague answer, the Twitterverse decided to send their thoughts to Donald Trump on what they supposed would be Trump’s favorite verses.

The denizens of Twitter made their own version of Bible for Donald Trump, which they christened #TrumpBible. The Republican presidential candidate was made the butt of the joke by many, many twitter users last weekend. Some stood out as fantastic jokes, others were in poor taste, but all of them turned out to be positively entertaining.

Somebody made a funny quote on Jesus and Judas Iscariot, “And Lo, Jesus said unto Judas Iscariot: “You’re fired” #TrumpBible” In another joke, Mary and Joseph refuse to stay at the inn in the nativity story because it was low class and dump.

Somebody cracked a joke that seemingly pointed to Trump’s stand on Mexico. The joke was about Jews leaving their homeland Egypt and entering Israel to make anchor babies.

By Tuesday, the buzz had died down and the twitter users had moved on to more interesting comic territories, but the memory of the elaborate joke will live on in the public memory for a long time. It looks like Trump has stepped in a quagmire, which will only pull him down and may even pull him out of the presidential race.

This news came to us via CNN and Christian Post.

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