Trumps Plays Bully in You’ve Been Trumped

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Donald Trump is the arch-villain in Anthony Baxter’s documentary You’ve Been Trumped. He is portrayed as a man that many people love to hate. The billionaire developer takes on a new project in Scotland. Trumps

Trump is seen as an insensitive bully who will do whatever it takes to create the world’s greatest golf resort. The $1.5 billion project involves building two 18-hole golf courses, a 450-bedroom luxury hotel and a complex of golf villas and apartments on the North Sea coast.

According to the documentary, environmental protection was ignored in favor of economic development. The government supported the project, which Trump said will bring 6,000 jobs to the area.

Baxter hounded Trump and his entourage with a camera in hand. His persistence got him arrested at one point and charged with breach of the peace. He maintained a low profile in the documentary that has no narrator. The project has a big impact to his hometown, which is not far from the development area.

You’ve Been Trumped features excerpts from Bill Forsyth’s movie Local Hero, which is about a Texas oil baron who wants to build a refinery in a fictional Scottish coastal town. Trump bought the 1,400 acre Menie Estate in 2005. Once the construction started, the lives of the fishermen and farmers in Balmedie were disrupted.

There were residents who refused to sell their property, including Michael Forbes. Trump described Forbes’ property to be a pigsty and slum. The film shows the problems encountered by Forbes and his neighbors who banded together to protest the development.

Forbes lost his water and electricity as huge piles of sand and dirt were dumped near their cottages. It blocked their view of the ocean and the homeowners were taken to court for boundary disputes. They were forced to sell to trump.

You’ve Been Trumped ends with no decisive ending. Trump said that he would not construct the hotel until plans were scrapped to build an offshore wind farm that he said would destroy the ocean view.

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