Turbo an Endearing Underdog Tale

By admin | 4 years ago

TurboDreamWorks Animation presents Turbo, which is about a snail who dreams of competing in the Indianapolis 500. It is an underdog tale that features a very unbelievable story. The animated feature appeals to everyone, especially the younger movie goers.

Turbo follows a safe formula of combining cute animated characters with an American dream tale. It has a cast of big-name voice talents with Ryan Reynolds as the star snail. This is an odd choice since his appeal to the public is his good looks.

Turbo and the five Racing Snails he has recruited see themselves as tiny cars. Their personalities are seen by the way their mouths move, the behavior of their two eyestalks, and the voice of the actors.

At the start of the movie, Turbo is just an average garden snail known as Theo. He spends his time watching TV and reliving the highlights of French racing champion Guy Gagne (voiced by Bill Hader). Turbo is slow in real life until he gets into an accident where he is sucked into a street racer’s engine and gets mixed with nitrous oxide. He gets mutated into a speedster.

Most of the other snails indulge Turbo with his impossible dream but his older brother Chet (Paul Giamatti) wants him to forget about his dream and focus on what they are supposed to do, being snails. He might not have earned his talents but it shows that determination is more important than the radioactive-blue flame he leaves behind.

Snails have not much to live as crows eat them at regular intervals. Danger is just around the corner for Turbo and his friends and this is seen with various risks they face throughout the movie. This includes a kid who is obviously modeled after Sid, Toy Story’s terror-next-door.

Turbo makes good use of 3D as the snails try to convince the organizers to allow Turbo to compete in the Indy 500. It teaches kids that one can’t accomplish things alone as Turbo gets the help from other snails.

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