‘Turbo Dismount 3’ Review by the Diamond Minecart [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
‘Turbo Dismount 3’ Review by the Diamond Minecart [WATCH VIDEO]
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This is yet another mini game review by the Diamond Minecart. The game is called the “Turbo Dismount.” It is the third video review about this game. The game developers keep modifying the games, so every time there is an update, the Diamond Minecart plays the game and gives feedback about it.

The new surprise for the gamers is that you can actually drive your own car or bike or skates, because the game allows you to select a character and the poses. Moreover, the best part is that you can add your face to the character. So you get the feeling that you are driving your own vehicle.

The different characters that you can choose from are Mr. Dismount, Ms. Dismount, Mr. Heft, Ms. Bumblebee, Mr. Reach, Mr. Stalwart, Ms. Diva and Mr. Ego. Now once you have selected a character, you can select a suitable pose and choose from the new obstacles before you start driving.

Another new addition to this game is the “mole chase,” where in a police car will chase your car wherever it goes. You can even select the direction you want to drive in from the steering options. You can also choose your vehicle, a car, a bike, a tricycle or a skate board.

In this video, while reviewing the game, Dave tries the new characters. Towards the end, he tries Ms. Bumblebee and laughs at the booty of the character comparing it with Kim Kardashian’s. He also selects different modes of transportation for the dismount. And he calls the booty “indestructible butt” because no matter how much destruction is created by the dismount, it remains the way it is.

Watch the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Marco Verch



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