TURN: Washington’s Spies Recap: Hard Boiled

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
TURN: Washington’s Spies Recap: Hard Boiled
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“TURN: Washington’s Spies” Season 2 Episode 2 “Hard Boiled” aired last Tuesday, April 13, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on AMC. In this episode, Abraham “Abe” Woodhull (Jamie Bell) continued to spy on British military activity in York City while staying at a boarding house owned by Robert Townsend (Nick Westrate). Meanwhile, Major John Andre (JJ Feild) appointed Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) as the new commander of the Queen’s Rangers, and attended a party in which he tried to attract the attention of Margaret “Peggy” Shippen (Ksenia Solo) in order to get to General Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman).  Read on to learn more about this episode.

Abraham “Abe” Woodhull (Jamie Bell) was accompanied by Corporal Eastin (Nick Basta) to the docks of Brooklyn on October 14, so that he could go to York City via ferry. While there, Abe took careful note of the new naval ships that were there.

As soon as he arrived in the city, he took note of the foot soldiers, and later, upon eating breakfast at the boarding house that he was staying in, which was owned by Robert Townsend (Nick Westrate), learned that the British were building new naval ships by the wharf.  He also asked his landlord to hard boil him one dozen eggs.

Meanwhile, at Major John Andre’s (JJ Feild) house, Abigail (Idara Victor), his current maid, who agreed to be Anna Strong’s (Heather Lind) spy while she was employed by Andre, learned that General Charles Lee (Brian T. Finney) was Andre’s mole in the rebel camp, and that he was arranging things so that he could turn General Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman) into their spy as well.

At Setauket, Long Island, Mary Woodhull (Meegan Warner), together with Anna Strong (Heather Lind), and the ladies of her sewing circle, agreed to organize a charity for the families of British soldiers, who had suffered greatly due to the war. Th, ey were then interrupted by Major Hewlett (Burn Gorman), who paid attention to Anna, as he liked her.

Back in York City, Abigail slipped a message regarding the fact that Lee was a traitor into a package for her son, as was her usual method to pass along information to Anna.

While she did this, Andre informed Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) that he was to command the Queen’s Rangers and that he could do anything he wanted with them while waiting for orders for their own mission.

On October 16, in York City, Abe went around the city, observing and writing down pieces of information in code on the small pieces of paper that he had hidden up his sleeve, so that he could write it on the hard boiled eggs, just as Nathaniel Sackett (Stephen Root) had taught him. However, he was discovered by Townsend, who had seen him holding up one of the eggs to his candle at his desk when he accidentally opened his room, thinking that it was one of those rooms that was free for renting out to another customer.

Later that night Major Hewlett paid Anna a visit in order to drop off Abigail’s package, which had arrived in the mail. While there, he awkwardly tried to propose to her, as he liked her.

After he left, Anna discovered Abigail’s message, in which she told Anna that Lee was a traitor.

Meanwhile, at a party at the Shippen house in Philadelphia, Andre made the acquaintance of the beautiful Margaret “Peggy” Shippen (Ksenia Solo), whom he hoped to use in order to turn Arnold into a spy for them.

The next day, Abe left for Setauket, and realized that Townsend had removed the eggs on which he had written his information in code on when he gave him some bread before he left the boarding house.

He then rushed back to the boarding house only to find the entire place crawling with British soldiers. Townsend then gave him a fried egg and told him that he had thrown away the eggs that he had taken, which meant that he knew what Abe had been up to.

Meanwhile, at the Queen’s Rangers camp, Simcoe arrived, and after killing one of their toughest soldiers as he was insubordinate, earned their respect.

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