TURN: Washington’s Spies Recap: The Prodigal

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
TURN: Washington’s Spies Recap: The Prodigal
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TURN: Washington’s Spies” Season 2 Episode 9 “The Prodigal” aired last Monday, June 1, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on AMC. In this episode, after Abraham “Abe” Woodhull (Jamie Bell) was released from prison, he immediately discovered that Robert Townsend (Nick Westrate) had joined up as an spy, and discovered that he had gathered intelligence of great importance as it meant the life and death of General George Washington (Ian Kahn), whom Major Benjamin “Ben” Tallmadge (Seth Numrich) was also worried for. As Ben suspected General Charles Lee (Brian T. Finney) of a new plot against Washington, Ben decided to join his forces in the upcoming battle. Read on to learn more about this episode. Abe almost got caught again as a spy, and tensions between Major Hewlett (Burn Gorman) and Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) rose. Meanwhile, Major General Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman) arrived at Philadelphia, and began to woo Margaret “Peggy” Shippen (Ksenia Solo). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with all of Setauket getting disturbed. It was because one of Major Hewlett’s (Burn Gorman) men had committed suicide on the town’s gallows. However, as Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) and his men seemed to find it funny, Hewlett realized that this was all Simcoe’s doing. Hewlett had also realized that Simcoe was the one who had set him up to be captured and confided this to Mrs. Anna Strong (Heather Lind). It was after telling her that Abigail (Idara Victor) was granted permission by her master, Major John Andre (JJ Field), to send for her son who was in Anna’s care. Anna then suggested that she and the boy play to Jordan’s (Aldis Hodge) love for Abigail to get him to accompany the boy to his mother in New York. It would also effectively remove Jordan as a key player in Simcoe’s camp.

Meanwhile, in New York, Abraham “Abe” Woodhull (Jamie Bell) was released only to find that Robert Townsend (Nick Westrate) had sold his inn and had left him with his bill. He then paid a visit to Robert’s father, Samuel Townsend (John Billingsley).  He discovered that Robert had become a spy because he had witnessed his father’s stables being burned by Simcoe and his rangers. He then learned that Robert had written on the back of the bill with invisible ink, and rushed to the cellar of his farm. However, he was interrupted and escorted to Whitehall by Simcoe and some of Hewlett’s redcoats.

In Philadelphia, Margaret “Peggy” Shippen (Ksenia Solo), her father, and their friends were almost overturned in their carriage by American protestors. However, they were saved by Major General Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman) who began to woo her. However, Peggy slowed him down by reminding him that they had particular conventions and protocols to follow before they would be able to get married.

Meanwhile, at Valley Forge, General George Washington’s (Ian Kahn) aide, Billy Lee (Gentry White) told Major Benjamin “Ben” Tallmadge (Seth Numrich) that he was worried about Washington. He had given half of the command of the army to General Charles Lee (Brian T. Finney) whom they both didn’t trust. Because of this, Ben decided to serve directly under Lee’s right-hand man.

Later that night, in Setauket, Simcoe granted Jordan permission to accompany Cicero (Dan Alford) to Abigail. He met up with Hewlett for a parley meeting where he admitted to having set up the events that led to the shooting of Judge Richard Woodhull (Kevin R. McNally) the year before.

Meanwhile, Abe met up with Anna, and after they kissed, discovered what had happened to Townsend. It turned out that Caleb Brewster (Daniel Henshall) had taught Robert, now Samuel Culper, Jr., how to use the invisible ink. Apparently, Townsend had gone and bought an inn which catered to high-ranking British officers. He then informed them of an internal plot against Washington which Abe decided to tell Caleb at once. However, they were interrupted by two of Simcoe’s men, who had orders to follow him. He then brought them to where Caleb was hiding, who got knocked out. One of the two then forced Anna down on her knees but got stabbed by Anna instead. Caleb and Abe then fought off the other one. Abe then gave Caleb the letter, and the three made it seem like Hewlett’s men had done the two Rangers in.

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