TURN: Washington’s Spies Recap: Valley Forge

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
TURN: Washington’s Spies Recap: Valley Forge
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TURN: Washington’s Spies” Season 2 Episode 7 “Valley Forge” aired last Monday, May 18, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on AMC. In this episode, General George Washington (Ian Kahn) enlists the help of his servant, William “Billy” Lee (Gentry White) to help him decide whether he should save Abraham “Abe” Woodhull (Jamie Bell) or not by letting Major Edmund Hewlett (Burn Gorman) be executed, which caused him to fall into a melancholic state. While Washington pondered about this, it was shown how both Abe and Hewlett were faring in their respective prisons. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In Valley Forge, on January 1, 1778, General George Washington (Ian Kahn) asked William “Billy” Lee (Gentry White) to call Dr. James Thacher (Scott Pythress). It was after discovering that he was having hallucinations and didn’t feel so well. Later, the doctor, upon hearing that Washington had been having these hallucinations for more than a week, realized that he was suffering from melancholia, as it seemed that he was having a “moral conflict of the soul.” After the doctor left, Washington told Billy to help him out, to “spare him no quarter,” as he would now treat him as an equal so that he could fix things.

It turned out that he had been conflicted on which letter to send to Connecticut via the Northern Post Rider who would have to leave at midnight due to the storm. If he didn’t send any letter, then the men at Connecticut would assume that they were to proceed to executed Major Edmund Hewlett (Burn Gorman). It was then shown that Hewlett had denied that he had anything to do with the massacre of the American encampment. He was stripped naked and thrown into a makeshift prison with only a blanket for warmth.

However, the problem with that was that executing Hewlett would mean that their spy in Setauket, Abraham “Abe” Woodhull (Jamie Bell), also known as Samuel Culper, would face certain death. He had been imprisoned in York City at the Livingston Sugar House Prison.

There, it was shown that fifteen days ago, an inmate tried to become friends with him in order to get a confession out of him. However, as the man just twisted Abe’s words, as Abe hadn’t confessed to being a spy, Abe was tortured and thrown back inside.

Washington then had Billy play a game of cards with him, with each of them playing as two players. Washington then revealed to Billy that just as Billy had taught his younger brother how to play, Washington’s older brother, Lawrence (Jesse Ruda), had used this game to compose his thoughts. He then remembered how Lawrence had introduced him into society, and how Lawrence had given Washington his pocket watch as he was dying of tuberculosis in Barbados. He then talked about Abe, then got mad at Billy, who was obviously throwing the game in Washington’s favor.

After playing again, Washington realized that Billy was now playing as two different people, with different strategies. After asking if he had two Abe’s, Washington realized that Abe hadn’t broken and hadn’t been executed yet, and Hewlett hadn’t also confessed to anything yet.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, Hewlett tried to keep his senses by reciting the constellations to an imaginary Anna Strong (Heather Lind). His guard (Charlie Hofheimer), then came inside and laid a knife beside him. He told him that he could kill himself or try to escape. After they covered the top of the prison, blocking his view of the night sky, Hewlett began to question himself. He realized that only a demon like Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) could commit such a massacre.

Inside Washington’s tent, Billy told him that Washington didn’t have to be his brother, and almost died. Washington tried to strangle him  after he insulted the imaginary Lawrence’s  bad hand. Outside, he saw bloody footprints in the snow and followed it to the woods.

Meanwhile, Judge Richard Woodhull (Kevin R. McNally) visited his son and informed him of everything that happened. However, as Abe stubbornly refused his father’s help and told him that he would continue being a spy, his father left him inside the prison.

Back at Valley Forge, Washington was confronted by the hallucination of Lawrence who reminded him that Washington was not him. Back at camp, Washington slipped his brother’s pocket watch into Billy’s pack. Billy intended to leave and sent a letter to stay Hewlett’s execution, which shocked Hewlett’s guard.

However, before he could make sure that Hewlett was safely returned to the British in exchange for Abe, Simcoe, and his men murdered the entire camp. Hewlett, who had cut off his frostbitten toes, stabbed Simcoe who was about to kill him, and escaped, leaving Simcoe. He was seething with rage, to promise that he would find and kill Hewlett, who had realized that he had been the one who had done the crime that he was being blamed for. He then instructed Jordan (Aldis Hodge) to tell everyone that Hewlett had died before they could rescue him.

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