Tutankhamun Review: Not As Successful As The Replaced Victoria?

By IvyV | 2 years ago
Tutankhamun Review: Not As Successful As The Replaced Victoria?

Tutankhamun, new historical fictional series from ITV, which premiered days ago was reportedly not as welcomed as its predecessor Victoria. Will the series get a renewal?

Episode 1 of ITV’s new drama series Tutankhamun introduced the key characters of the series. The only four part series chronicles is about how Howard carter discovered the tomb of Egypt’s infamous pharaoh.

The lead character Howard Carter, role by Max Irons, pursued his archeologist’s instinct as he proved the existence of a forgotten pharaoh Tutankhamun. In order to prove his theory right, he needed funding to excavate and discover the tomb.

Fortunately, Lord Carnarvon thirsts for interesting discoveries. He hundred percent supported Carter’s project. Sam Neill portrays the wealthy gambler.

Tutankhamun may be based on history but ITV incorporated a conflicting love interest in the series. The fictitious love story plot includes Catherine Steadman’s Maggie Lewis. Maggie, an archeologist from America, will become Carter’s love interest.

But a story is not complete without a conflicting love triangle. While Tutankhamun Episode 1 have not yet revealed Lady Evelyn Carnarvon’s role in Carter’s life, she will become infatuated with Carter.

Lady Evelyn is the daughter of the wealthy Lord Carnarvon played by Amy Wren. According to sources, the young Carnarvon will disobey his father’s wish to stay away from Carter due to their class differences.

ITV previously announced that it ripped a bank for Tutankhamun. The critics claimed that the historical series is quite predictable given the material of the show.

In addition, Telegraph published that the series did not fared well with its predecessor series Victoria. The figures of 4.5 million viewers, as a source indicated, did not surpassed rival series Poldark.

Poldark landed second to ITV’s Victoria and dominated the Sunday night time slot after Victoria‘s finale.

Tutankhamun Episode 2 airs on October 23, 2016 on ITV.

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