TV Star Profile: Clive Owen on ‘The Knick’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
TV Star Profile: Clive Owen on ‘The Knick’ [WATCH VIDEO]
Clive Owen. Sept 23, 2005. Wikimedia Commons/Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería

Before becoming a big movie star, British actor Clive Owen, 49, had his training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and mostly performed Shakespeare at the beginning of his career. While “The Knick” is his first project on American television, the actor was already doing TV back in the U.K. in the 1980s. Read on to learn more about Clive Owen.

Clive Owen, already a rising star in the early 1990s, would eventually become a TV favorite in the U.K., starring in shows like “The Echo” and “Second Sight.” While doing British television, he also tried to break into Hollywood. But it was through a series of short films for the car company BMW that Owen became well known to the American audience. The short films about “The Driver” eventually led to a string of starring roles in movies like “Bourne Identity,” “King Arthur” and “Derailed,” where he worked with big names stars like Matt Damon and Jennifer Aniston.

A Golden Globe awardee and Academy award nominee for his work in the film “Closer,” Owen was pushed to do “The Knick” even with a successful movie career because it presented a great challenge as an actor. He noted, in an interview with Huffington post, that being on the show was nothing like he’s ever done for television. Steven Soderbergh, the creator and director of “The Knick” apparently told him that this project was not just a TV series but a ten-hour movie. The actor found out later that working on the set was “grueling but incredibly exciting.” He also described his working process on “The Knick,” saying that he kept a board at home to map out episodes, scenes and characters.

Playing Dr. John Thackery on the show was the other big factor as to why he was encouraged to do American TV. He described his character as abrasive, arrogant and complex, and admitted that he found Thackery such an attractive role to play.

“At the beginning the guy is a drug addict and then walks straight in and operates on people. That’s a challenging guy to pull off. And what they do brilliantly is the journey he goes on. He redeems himself in some areas; he gets worse in other areas. It’s a complex thing and that’s what’s attractive for me to play,” said Owen in an interview with Cover Media, as published on Yahoo!

For someone who’s had a long, diverse and interesting movie and television career, Owen recognizes “quality,” which is what he believes “The Knick” is about. In the video interview below, Owen talks about his work on the show further.

Watch Clive Owen as the surgeon Dr. John Thackery on “The Knick,” which runs Friday evenings on Cinemax. Follow the recaps and updates of the show here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería

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