TV3’s ‘MasterChef Nz’ Elimination Episode: Richard Harris Walked Out; Says He Just Wasn’t As Good

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
TV3’s ‘MasterChef Nz’ Elimination Episode: Richard Harris Walked Out; Says He Just Wasn’t As Good
Richard Harris MasterChef 2015

Richard Harris has been eliminated from the TV3’s “MasterChef Nz” cooking show. The contestant over-whipped the mascarpone, and he does not have any complaints regarding his elimination.

According to, Harris, who decided to cook eel as a challenge for other contestants in one of the episodes of the TV3’s cooking show, was eliminated in the episode 14. He was actually eliminated as he messed up the mascarpone – his dessert dish.

“Maybe my combination was just not as good as other people’s,” said Harris who feels that the show’s judges were reasonably fair. He does not have any complaints since he feels that he was not as good as other contestants on the day.

The MasterChef Australia judge George Calombaris’ challenge was indeed a difficult task for many contestants of the show. Of course, this challenge proved to be the main reason for the elimination of Harris. The high-pressure challenge given by the judge distracted him, and he over whipped the mascarpone in his dessert dish, which resulted in a dish with strange texture and deep yellow color.

Is this elimination a disappointment for Richard Harris and his fans? Yes, of course. It is going to be a disappointment as Harris has missed a trip to Dubai. He himself revealed that it is something disappointing to miss the wonderful chance.

Though he is disappointed of leaving the show, Harris admitted that he had “sense of relief” while walking out. In one way, he is happy that he did not suffer the pain of cooking in the kitchen, which he feels to be a “nerve-wracking” task for him.

Regarding his experience in “MasterChef Nz,” Richard Harris said that he had “the most amazing life’s experience” that was a “great challenge.” He was thrilled to meet the “most amazing people,” in the show.

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