TV’s Most Awaited Shows for 2015 Midseason

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
TV’s Most Awaited Shows for 2015 Midseason

The year 2014 has been a turning point for the television industry as the digital revolution has made it possible for viewers to watch a variety of shows in so many platforms. As a result, there’s literally hundreds of new shows to watch, with many still spilling over for 2015. Here’s a round-up of some of these anticipated shows in the next few months. Read on.

NOTE: This list will only feature shows for the midseason (i.e., the remaining half of the 2014-2015 season). It will not cover the upcoming 2015 season commencing in the fall.

Premieres Jan. 4, 2015

The fairy tale musical is from Dan Fogelman, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater and will fill-in the time slot of “Once Upon a Time” for the midseason. As a “comedy extravaganza,” expect this show to be over-the-top with delivering entertainment. The series stars Joshua Sasse, Timothy Omundson, Vinnie Jones, Mallory Jansen, Karen David and Luke Youngblood.

Agent Carter
Premieres Jan. 6, 2015

Hayley Atwell stars as Peggy Carter in this “Captain America” spinoff. The series will be spread out in seven weeks, taking over the time slot of “Agents of SHIELD” as the latter takes its midseason break. As in the comic book it’s been based from, Peggy Carter works as a solider for the SSR in post-World War II. The show also stars Dominic Cooper, Chad Michael Murray and James D’ Arcy.

Premieres Jan. 7, 2015

The show will feature the world of hip hop featuring Terrence Howard as a music mogul and Taraji P. Henson as his wife. The series is from acclaimed award-winning directors Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, with Timbaland helping out with the musical score. The musical soap opera promises some flashy numbers and emotional scenes.

12 Monkeys
Premieres Jan. 16, 2015

Taking cue from Terry Gilliam’s classic movie, this show is a re-adaptation of the thrilling sci-fi drama. Aaron Stanford will lead the cast as the time traveler James Cole. His mission? To prevent an army from releasing a deadly virus that will kill millions of humans in the future. The show is from Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett.

Better Call Saul
Premieres Feb. 8, 2015

The spinoff to “Breaking Bad” has been highly anticipated since 2013. This time, the show will feature Walter White’s laywer Saul Goodman as the central character. The series takes place six years before he met White, but the producers promised it will trace back to some events from the former show too.

The Last Man on Earth
Premieres March 1, 2015

This series has made a lot of people curious because, with only one central character, it should be interesting to see how the episodes will unfold. The idea of the show came from Will Forte, who also stars in it. It’s a TV experiment that can either work or fail.

Premieres April 5, 2015

This event epic series will tackle what has happened in between the moments that lead to the crucifixion of Jesus. According to its creators Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the first episode alone will chart scenes where Peter denied Jesus and Judas took his own life. 

Other shows that will premiere this midseason include:




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