‘Twilight’ Series Owes ‘Peter Pan’ a Beer, Says Rachel Hurd-Wood

By admin | 8 years ago
‘Twilight’ Series Owes ‘Peter Pan’ a Beer, Says Rachel Hurd-Wood

A lot has been said about the Twilight series. “Contrived,” “Meaningless,” and “awful” have been some of them, but English actress Rachel Hurd-Wood says that the Twilight series as a timeless “theme” that will last through the ages, much like Peter Pan.

“Well, I think Twilight is the new Peter Pan if we’re going to look at a time-frame,” says Hurd-Wood who played Wendy Darling in P.J. Hogan’s Peter Pan. “It’s an incredible story, it’s timeless and it’s classic and it’s a story that’s in everyone’s hearts and minds.”

Hurd-Wood was last seen in the 2010 action-drama Tomorrow, When the War Began.

The 20-year-old goes on: “Everyone grows up with that story, so in that respect I suppose that’s why people want to keep doing it.”

So what does Twilight and Peter Pan have in common? Besides rampant androgyny?

“That and Twilight have that thing in common, there’s that unrequited love or that love that can’t be,” says Hurd Wood. “I think that’s prevalent today; it’s going to be a timeless theme. I think that’ll probably be why [Peter Pan] keeps coming back.”

Does Rachel have a point?

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