‘Twin Peaks’ Series Revival Begins September; Release Date Set To Fall 2016

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
‘Twin Peaks’ Series Revival Begins September; Release Date Set To Fall 2016
Twin Peaks

The revival of cult show “Twin Peaks” is right on track and according to Showtime boss David Nevins the shooting might start this September with an aim to start the series by fall next year.

“Twin Peaks” is more than two decades old but its crazy following is still evident. A few months ago when David Lynch backed out of the project, social media went crazy with the hashtag, #savetwinpeaks which led to the channel owners to bow down to David Lynch’s budget and scripting demands. There is nothing to worry now as Lynch will return to directing as early as September.

According to Deadline.com, Lynch will shoot the series as an entire movie and later cut it into episodes. Original plan was to make a series with 9 episodes but that might be changed now and might even be longer. The more we get to see of that crazy town is better.

Over the years many shows have tried to mimic “Twin Peaks” but none has reached that level of surreal madness.  “Les Revenents” was a show which did quite well in that aspect but more recent “Wayward Pines” has not been up to the mark. With finally the show itself coming to television, there are so many reasons to be excited.

Even David Nevins is waiting in anticipation, “I want it as badly and as soon as the biggest fans in the world want it,” he said. At the end of the day it is all up to creators David Lynch and Mark Frost as to how soon they are ready to shoot.

Kyle MacLachlan has been recast as the idiosyncratic FBI Agent, Agent Cooper. Rest of the original cast is still in talks but they should come back considering the massive reception the show is set to receive. Nevins has also hinted at ‘big surprises’ regarding the cast for the revival.

Image source: Facebook/Twin Peaks

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