What Is The Twitterverse Saying About ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
What Is The Twitterverse Saying About ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?
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Supporters of Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama, rejoice! With a whopping 2.2 million tweets about its 11th season from June 1 to September 14, it is the most talked about Fall TV Show. Read on to get the scoop. (via The LA Times)

The additional buzz may be due to Dr. Derek ”McDreamy” Shepherd’s unexpected exit but what to expect with Season 12? The trailer for the new season is finally out and we hear Ellen Pompeo’s (“Daredevil”, “Old School”, “Catch Me If You Can”) character Meredith say, “You are about to find out that everything has changed.”

As the trailer confirmed, Meredith runs down a hallway littered with toys (in her mom’s old house). She is now living with Maggie (Kelly McCreary of “Life” and “Emily Owens, M.D”) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone of “Private Practice” and “Missing”)—who by the way has renovations in mind.

According to Rhimes, the series’ creator, head writer, executive producer, and showrunner of ‘Grey’s Anatomy, the latest season will continue with the wit that dominated the drama’s previous seasons. Dr. Grey being without McDreamy and the dark humor resulting from her being a widow.

Let’s see how viewers prepare for life after the demise of Derek Shepherd. It is time for Meredith to start anew without McDreamy.

According to News Entertainment, Pompeo said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, wherein she compared how characters like Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis on “How to Get Away With Murder”) and Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington on “Scandal”) carries their respective shows.

She confirmed that Meredith Grey needs someone—somehow. Conflict will be present for sure and because the show runs for an hour, there will be “drinking and conflict”. Boys will definitely come in the house at some point. she added.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Greys Anatomy

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