Did These Two Directors Leave Han Solo To Direct The Flash Movie?

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Did These Two Directors Leave Han Solo To Direct The Flash Movie?
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The Flash is one DCEU movie that has more roadblocks than any other movie. It lost two directors and has no plot or release date finalized. But it seems the movie might be getting back on track after an update about its director.

The latest report is now revealing that Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with WB/DC regarding The Flash movie.

Lord and Miller’s meeting with WB/DC

Screen Rant reported that Lord and Miller were on a production hiatus from Han Solo when they met with executives at WB/DC. The meeting was held to talk and discuss a possibility of taking over The Flash as directors.

There has been no official word about it from the studio but reports suggest that following their recent exit from Han Solo, the studio might be eyeing them.

Exit from Han Solo movie

The two directors were supposed to direct the Han Solo movie but it was confirmed recently that they left the project.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Lord and Miller in their statement mentioned that their vision for Han Solo was not aligned with their partners on the project.

The studio, on the other hand, praised the two directors for assembling a talented cast.

Association with The Flash

This will not be the first time that Lord and Miller are being associated with The Flash. Back in 2015, the two were tapped to write a story and pen a script for the superhero movie.

But the same year, the studio roped in Seth Grahame-Smith to rework the script and direct the movie instead. However, Grahame-Smith exited the project and Rick Famuyiwa was then brought in.

Famuyiwa was attached to direct the movie for some time. He also reworked the script but after some time ended up leaving the project. Since then the movie has been without a director.

Lord and Miller’s return to DCEU

If the studio is eyeing the duo to direct, chances are they might return to the project. But given the multiple changes that the movie’s script has gone through, it would be interesting to see if the duo would rework the script and pursue their original idea.

Given so many changes that the movie has been through, now might be the right time for the studio to lock in a director and move forward. However, it should be noted that just because a meeting took place, it does not mean that the duo is confirmed to direct the movie.

The studio is talking to other potential directors.

Other potential directors

Reports suggest that other directors have been approached for the movie. Directors like Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn, and Sam Raimi are the ones who the studio has reportedly spoken to but none of them have been confirmed yet.

Additionally, Kevin Smith expressed interest in directing the movie but no official talks were held between him and the studio. For some time, there were rumors of Vaughn taking over as the director of The Flash but it was never confirmed.

Flash’s appearance in DCEU

Initially seen in a small clip in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the scarlet speedster will be properly introduced in this year’s Justice League. Following the ensemble, he will be moving on to his solo movie further exploring his exploits as a superhero.

No plot or release date has been confirmed for the solo movie yet but Justice League will release on Nov. 17 this year.


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