Two Ways Marvel’s The Defenders Could Be Part Of The MCU

By Tanya D. | 1 year ago
Two Ways Marvel’s The Defenders Could Be Part Of The MCU
Marvel’s The Defenders

Netflix’s The Defenders brings Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, the Daredevil and Luke Cage together to fight one common enemy. Recent reports suggest this common villain could bring these vigilantes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Likewise, Kevin Feige also hinted the inclusion of these TV characters in the MCU.

Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious character

Sigourney Weaver joins the casts as a villain. The actress made her involvement in the show known during the New York Comic-Con. The name of her character is still unknown. So far, the panel only revealed that she plays a villain in the series.

One villain character that connects these TV characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Viper. In the comics, Viper is also known as Madame Hydra. A name fitting for her position as the head of HYDRA after Baron von Strucker’s presumed death.

Likewise, fans may remember this organization mentioned in some past Marvel films. It was a main part of the story in Captain America: Civil War and in Winter Soldier.

Outside of her connection to Hydra, Viper also has ties to The Hand. The Daredevil Season 2 first introduced this mysterious organization, which will resurface in Iron Fist.

Sigourney Weaver would make a good choice as Viper, not only because of her acting prowess but also for her appearance. The actress certainly has the height and the slender body that characterizes the villain’s comic book appearance.

Kevin Feige hints The Defenders are heading to the MCU

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hinted that The Defenders would be in the second Avengers: Infinity War. All sort of Marvel characters, with superpowers or not, will be there to try to defeat Thanos. This is supposedly the reason why they split the film in two, so other characters can join in on the fun.

“The fun about those two movies that we’re doing essentially at the same time is everybody’s there,” he told IGN.

This is where The Defenders supposedly also appears. They join The Avengers: Untitled as part of the reported 76 different characters in the film. However, when asked to clarify whether these street-level heroes will indeed appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige only replied with “Spoilers!”

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