Tyga And Kylie Jenner’s Sex Tape To Compete With Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith’s And Also, Kim K & Ray J’s!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Tyga And Kylie Jenner’s Sex Tape To Compete With Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith’s And Also, Kim K & Ray J’s!

Tyga and Kylie Jenner might soon be launching their raunchy sex tape. Vivid Entertainment, the same company that did Kim Kardashian and Ray J raunchy sex tape, has offered newly adult Kylie Jenner and Tyga whooping $10 million to shoot a wild sex tape.

Kylie Jenner and Porn Offers:

Not just this, TMZ reported that Vivid Entertainment is already facing competition from BangYouLater who has offered roaring figure of $1.8 million to Tyga and Kylie Jenner for the wild porn tape of the duo, according to BangYouLater, will make Kylie Jenner and Tyga more famous than “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” fame Kim K and also Paris Hilton.

DigitalPlayground, the biggest porn movie producer, wants her to be the Brand Ambassador for them. While Vivid Entertainment wants it to be a way for Kylie Jenner to launch her career in positive way, BangYouLater wants her to have instant famous. Although, Kylie Jenner has not officially said anything on this but Tyga seems to be all up for the sex tape!

Tyga’s Ideas on Sex Tape:

Tyga has very wild plans for his and Kylie’s celeb sex tape. Tyga wants her baby Kylie’s steamy video to be better and extraordinary than “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” fame Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith’s sex tape, reports HollywoodLife.com. Tyga is talking about knocking Kylie out of the park! Not only this, he even wants to make a mattress of $100 bills of around half a million. Tyga adds, “He’s talking about getting it started in the back of the Rolls. Then he wants to continue it, making Kylie a member of the mile high club and get down, in flight, on the G-5!”

Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith’s sex tape had bedroom and shower scenes but Tyga’s ideas on the sex tapes sounds very raunchy.

Kim K Jealous With Kylie Jenner’s Porn Offers:

Kim K and Ray J’s sex tape had Kim Kardashian the fame she wanted in her career. But she doesn’t seem alright with Kylie Jenner following her footstep. Kim K is reportedly worried that this would take Kylie Jenner’s future prospects in the wrong direction, but reports are also saying that she is just jealous and doesn’t want Kylie Jenner to surpass her in popularity.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Kylie Jenner

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