Tyler Hoechlin to Have a Superman TV Show on the CW; Watch Hoechlin Talk About It

By Chan Lasan | 1 year ago
Tyler Hoechlin to Have a Superman TV Show on the CW; Watch Hoechlin Talk About It
Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin has made his presence known in Supergirl Season 2 as Superman a.k.a. Man of Steel and so far, fans have been giving positive appraisal.

Several controversial questions popped up like… who is the better Superman? Henry Cavill or Tyler Hoechlin? But regardless of what the answer is, the response of viewers to the Teen Wolf star is quite overwhelming. Some people even believed that Hoechlin might actually have a series of his own on The CW.

In the meantime, only one thing is for sure, viewers will definitely love to see more of him after the first two episodes that he starred in. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actor showed his humbleness by immediately thanking everyone who supported him in Supergirl Season 2. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, he spoke on how people react on his performance as Superman.

The CW and Warner Bros. must have noticed as well that Hoechlin is becoming the talk of the town but they are too busy working on the big screen version of the hero. Well, here is a little bit of what they should prioritize.

Tyler Hoechlin shared that with his new character, he already expected people to have strong opinions about it. Superman is a historical icon and people already have an existing perception of how they want him to be and how he should be. It is something that he initially accepted as he portrays the role.

As an actor, Hoechlin believed that knowing people enjoy his craft is one of the greatest things. This means that a performer like him has the same visions with what the audience wanted the character to be like. On the other hand, he also said, “If they do not like it then at least you missed with your own intention.”

Watch more Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl Season 2 every Monday nights on The CW.

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Photo Source: Facebook | Tyler Hoechlin

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