Tyler No Longer Judge on American Idol

By admin | 6 years ago

Steven Tyler has decided to leave American Idol after being a judge on the hit show for two years. He wants to dive back into his group Aerosmith. The rock start announced his departure on Thursday saying he loved each moment on the show, but decided it was time to bring back Rock. He said he had strayed long enough from first love, his band Aerosmith and was now heading back.

The band currently is on tour in the U.S. with Tyler and will be releasing an album in November. With the status of Jennifer Lopez for the upcoming season still in doubt, the only judge that is sure to return in Randy Jackson. Lopez said it saddened her to hear Tyler was leaving the show. She said she has been with Tyler and Jackson for two years and could not imagine anyone else in the judge’s chairs.

She said Steven helped her during the two years and they became very close. Lopez said the departure of Tyler would play a role in her final decision to remain as a judge or to leave the show. Prior to Tyler’s departure, she had expressed that she might not return to judge in the upcoming season.

She said she knows the show wants her to return and she really would like to return, but knows it is not that simple. Lopez signed on for just one year at the start then stayed an additional year, but would never had thought she would be there two years, much less three.

Founder Simon Cowell thanked Tyler for being a judge for two years. Cowell says he understands that Tyler wants to return to the greatest-ever rock group in America, Aerosmith.

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