‘Tyrant’ Gets A Season 3 Renewal!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Tyrant’ Gets A Season 3 Renewal!
Photo source: Tyrant Official Facebook Page

Tyrant” Season 2 has managed to get better results and has received better audience approval compared to its first season. And that being said, these great results calls for a renewal. Read on for more details.

“Tyrant” Season 2 garnered an average of 2.47 million total viewers as per Deadline. Its 2-part premiere for Season 2 was also the highest Live + Same Day to Live + 3 lift of any FX original season premiere.

“Tyrant” revolves around the inner workings of aa Middle Eastern Nation. Bassam Al Fayeed who was busy with his life in American and has decided not to go back to his homeland was forced to go back. And his homecoming brought in a clash of cultures and he was thrown into politics and the messy family he has in Abuddin.

The second season of the FX series ended with a cliffhanger. It’s no surprise at all because the success of “Tyrant” Season 2 premiere already grew anticipation that the series will get a Season 3. The finale of Season 2 showed Jamal being shot and was left on the floor, dying. Fans are now thinking if he’s really dead or if he’ll survive. It’s the perfect cliffhanger to heighten the anticipation of viewers. There’s nothing we hate more than a show ending without any resolution.

“Tyrant” is from Howard Gordon, Chris Keyser and Glenn Gordon Caron. It was announced yesterday that the Season 3 of the series will feature 10 episodes and it is expected to return in 2016. FX president of Original Programming Eric Shrier said, “We look forward to the next chapter and a sensational third season of ‘Tyrant.’”

Over the years, “Tyrant” has taken its show to the next level, reaching out to a bigger fanbase and developing more interesting storylines. There is clearly no wonder why we’re getting more of it in next year.

Photo source: Facebook/Tyrant

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