Tyrant Moves Production from Israel to Istanbul

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Tyrant Moves Production from Israel to Istanbul
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Due to the unfortunate events that are happening now in Israel, “Tyrant” has moved its production from Tel Aviv to Istanbul. Before you get worried whether the show is ending or what, read on for more details.

“Tel Aviv was under missile fire and people were running into bomb shelters. I don’t think anybody felt physically threatened, but it was not conducive to shooting,” said showrunner Howard Gordon as published on ABC News, during the TV Critics’ panel on Monday, July 21, 2014.

The FX network said that the show has moved its production just last week for the last two remaining episodes of Season 1, which means that these two episodes will now be shot in Turkey. It is not only the show that has moved their production from Israel. Just last week, “Homeland’s” showrunner Alex Gansa was so happy that they did not shoot in Israel, which was in their original plan.  They opted to shoot in Cape Town, South Africa instead.

Two weeks ago, a conflict between Hamas militants and Iran broke, which is causing too much damage on Israel and affecting millions of residents and other people in the area.

Some adjustments were made for “Tyrant” to continue their production, but we are really happy that they are safe and have moved. Moreover, we are praying that the chaos in Israel abates soon.

Shooting amidst that chaos can really cause a strain on the crew and the cast of the show, and it is just the best idea to move its production. After all, the show has only two more episodes to shoot now, which makes things easier. No major adjustments were made, and all cast members are still on board to continue filming.

“Tyrant” fans, don’t worry because the show is still up and running and more revelations will come your way soon, so watch out for it. Share us your thoughts on this by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


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