Tyrant Season 1 Recap: Hail Mary

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Tyrant Season 1 Recap: Hail Mary
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Previously on “Tyrant” (Season 2 Episode 5 “Hail Mary” air date: July 22, 2014), there was a demonstration of power, death and a woman’s return to her husband as she was left with no choice. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

In “Hail Mary,” a meeting was set between Bassam and Ihab Rashid. Ihab was telling his men that he’s going to meet with the killer of his mother and the one who put his father in exile, only to be later on disappointed when Bassam cancelled the meeting. He did this to demonstrate his power, and he had other plans as well. Barry went to John Tucker and asked him to schedule an appointment with Ihab’s exiled father instead.

Bassam went to meet with Sheik, Ihab’s exiled father, but it didn’t go well. The meeting was kept as a secret, and Jamal gave his uncle permission to clear the plaza. Sheik returned to Abuddin, arrived at the plaza, and demanded to meet with Jamal. Jamal was angry with this, but instead of lashing out, he did a wise thing by following his brother’s advice and ordered his men to clear out and move away from the plaza.

Nusrat still wanted to get a divorce, and she told her parents about this. She told her father about Jamal. Her father then went to the president to fulfill his daughter’s wishes, but Jamal got to him first and killed him. He told him why he has done such a thing when their family had done so much for them and has given them everything that they needed. Due to her father’s death, Nusrat was ordered to return to the palace and to her husband. She had no choice but to agree.

Molly came across a pain medication in the bathroom, and she found out that her brother was injured. She went to him and inspected his wounds. She then called an ambulance, but when the paramedics came, they refused to help him due to his brother’s criminal records. However, Molly declared her full name, which is Molly Al-Fayeed, and the paramedics complied to her brother’s needs immediately.

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