Tyrant Season 1 Recap: Meet the New Boss

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Tyrant Season 1 Recap: Meet the New Boss
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In “Tyrant” Season 1 Episode 8 “Meet the New Boss” (Aug. 12, 2014),  Barry continued the dirty deed that Jamal did not finish. He killed Sheik at his hospital bed by injecting poison in his system. Jamal felt relieved and now even more motivated to continue with on his pursuit to presidency. Read on for the full recap.

The episode started with Bassam and Tucker’s meeting where he confessed everything to Tucker – particularly Sheik’s death. He also wanted to oust Jamal from his position, however, Tucker was not really up for the whole idea of Bassam kicking his brother out of power but after guilt tripping Tucker, he finally gave in.

Molly can feel that there’s something wrong with Bassam when he came home, but Bassam quickly denied it. Bassam told her that it was only because of the pressure and stress that comes with the whole presidency. However, Molly did not look convinced because she knew in her heart that there is something going on. Bassam tried to control Ilhab about the election but due to the Sheik’s death. Ihab said that they will halt the elections to honor the death of Sheik. Their whole conversation was overheard by Leila.

Leila started to feel that Bassam and Jamal had something to do with Sheik’s death tried to get some information from Jamal. However, Jamal, full of joy and gratefulness that he has managed to get through the whole Sheik’s death unscathed said that his brother went out of his way to save him. With that being said, it has confirmed Leila’s suspicions.

Yusef talked to Bassam that Jamal is unfit for being the new President, which means that they don’t think he would be a good leader. They went to an undisclosed area where Tucker and a mysterious woman was there. They were there to start planning the coup stages and they all agreed that they have to find a way to remove Tariq. They asked Yussef to use his connection with Nusrat’s mother. She happens to be married to the owner of the biggest satellite company in the country. He would try to convince to go against Jamal and Tariq. They have to do their plans in a week. Tucker told him not to tell Molly anything as it would be best that way.

Bassam had a hard time convincing Molly that they had to go back to America especially that Molly has found work in Abuddin, but after an argument or so, Molly caved in and agreed that they will move back to America. Unfortunately, Nusrat’s father will not turn his back against Jamal and Tariq and this means that everything is left to Bassam to save the day again and turn it into his favor. He was surprised to find out that Ziad, Tariq’s right-hand man was on his side.

Leila, seeing Bassam in a different light now wants to work for him. While Molly told Bassam that Jenna will be staying in Abuddin. This made Bassam mad, which led to Molly asking him to tell her what’s really going on – and he did, but he left the part out where he killed Sheik. He told her that he’s going to run for president and Molly was shocked because he thinks that he doesn’t know anything about running a country.

The next morning, Jamal summoned Bassam. Do you think Jamal has found out about Bassam’s plans?

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