Tyrant Season 2 Recap: A House Built on Sand

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Tyrant Season 2 Recap: A House Built on Sand
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In the latest episode of “Tyrant” Season 4, Episode 4 “A House Built on Sand” we learned that Jamal has fathered a lot of children. Read on for more detail.s

Episode 4 of “Tyrant” Season 2 was a shocker. All along we thought Ahmed is the only son of Jamal, but it turns out that there is another one who goes by the name of Rami. With Rami’s presence now know, a new threat is formed for the Al-Fayeed throne.

On the other hand, it’s not only Jamal who is keeping secrets because it turns out that his mom, Amira, has plenty of skeletons in her closet. She revealed this episode that she has been in touch with Rami all this time and she never mentioned it to her son. What’s the point? THAT we certainly don’t know. The good thing, though, for what it’s worth, Amira revealed Rami’s identity to unify their family. Of course, Jamal was clearly disappointed knowing that his mother has let loose a secret of his. And at the same time, he brought another threat to the throne. As if he doesn’t have too much on his plate already!

At first, Jamal was hesitant to meet his long-lost son but a sonogram of his future grandchild with his son Ahmed softened his heart and he decided to meet Rami. And that first meeting made Rami the ideal child to Jamal, someone who’s driven and who has ambitions like his. Just like that, Jamal was taken with Rami that it became rather alarming for Leila. We also learned that Rami is Jamal’s son to his true love who died while Ahmed was born out of duty.

Leila, of course, is worried because with Jamal’s newfound affection for Rami that puts her own son at risk. She told Jamal about her feelings regarding this. Jamal was insistent to give Rami a position in Abuddin and offered him a position in the Abuddinian military. However, Rami declined.

Meanwhile, “Tyrant” won’t be complete without any form of kidnap and in Episode 4, Samira is kidnapped by Ihab’s friend from university. Apparently, this friend is planning to take down the Al-Fayeeds.

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Photo source: Tyrant Facebook Page

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