Tyrant Season 2 Recap: Enter the Fates

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Tyrant Season 2 Recap: Enter the Fates
Photo source: Tyrant Official Facebook Page

In “Tyrant” Season 2, Episode 2 “Enter the Fates” Molly went back to the US without Barry and things are falling apart while Barry still continues to survive.

Abbudin is also a mess – riots are everywhere because everybody believed Barry’s dead and as Jamal takes his place as the ruler, this is the result. People are protesting and with Jamal’s way of ruling, people became even more aggressive and wants to overthrow him .

Barry is aware of what’s happening and he wants this to stop so Ihab came up with an idea to assassinate Jamal. Of course, Barry wants his brother to step down but he doesn’t want him killed. The whole time his plan is to send Jamal to exile but of course Jamal found out about it so that’s why Barry is in a desert fighting to survive because his brother didn’t have the guts to kill him.

Jamal, amidst everything that’s going on, focused on the important stuff and proceeded with his meeting with the Chinese to bring wealth to the country. However, the countrymen don’t believe that this is going to happen and they think that Jamal is only negotiating with the Chinese to make himself and his friends even richer than they are now.

Meanwhile, Sammy got a call from Ahmed who told him that he misses him and apologized for what happened to his father. Sammy surprisingly accepted his apology and what’s even more surprising is he wants to go back to Abuddin. However, this isn’t the perfect time because things in Abuddin only got worse…

The groundbreaking for the deal with the Chinese didn’t go well when Ihab’s assassin injured the wife of the Chinese officiant and since the event was being recorded, cameras have recorded Ahmed shooting a corpse… not only once but several times.

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Photo source: Tyrant Official Facebook Page

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