Tyrant Season 2 Recap: Jamal Putting More Trust in Khalil

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Tyrant Season 2 Recap: Jamal Putting More Trust in Khalil
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It is quite ironic that in this episode of “Tyrant” Season 2, Episode 9 “Inside Men and Outside Women” Jamal is now trusting more Khalil, who is actually his brother but of course he doesn’t know that yet and now he’s planning to have Rami killed after he didn’t follow his orders, or suited his “ideals.” Jamal has always been like this, though. And he’s in for some rude awakening. Read below for the full recap.

So Jamal isn’t too fond of Rami now. It was after he went straight to Khalil without his consent. Knowing Jamal, once you don’t go the way he wants you to, he’ll kill you, no matter who you are. I think Jamal is at this point where he really doesn’t care anymore about Abuddin or Ma’an. It was just as long as he gets rid off a person who pissed him off. He has always acted so bratty and this is clearly not doing him good.

Having met Khalil, whom he doesn’t realize is Bassam, he poured out his heart to him, telling him his life story. And he’s taking a liking to Bassam over Rami, which is quite funny. Well, I guess that’s “bromance” for you.

Bassam has already called Molly and told him that he’s safe and alive. This left Molly in shock. It even more shocked her when Sammy called her to tell that he’s going to stay and see the war through. Sammy was shaken to the core when the Caliphate attacked the resistance and his friend died saving him. She got shot multiple times beside him. It was surprising that Rami didn’t faint or throw up when that brutal death happened right beside him. He is getting tougher, this one.

The Caliphate tortured Munir and Kasim, his brother witnessed the whole thing. When the Caliphate attacked the resistance Kasim he turned his gun towards Daliyah but he lets her get away. Ihab is mad at him for not killing her and then he turned the gun on himself. Gruesome, indeed.

Currently, Sammy is hiding with the other survivors. And it is also clear that Ahmed still wants to be with Nusrat even if that means getting disowned. Awww.

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