Tyrant Season 2 Recap: A Viper in The Palace

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Tyrant Season 2 Recap: A Viper in The Palace
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Things are definitely heating up in “Tyrant” Season 2, Episode 5 “ A Viper in The Palace.” Read below for the full recap.

Ihab Rashid has returned to Abuddin backed by the Army of Caliphate and Abu Omar. He really doesn’t agree with the group’s violent ways but it’s his best way to revenge against the Al Fayeed’s. In turn, it led him to turn a blind eye to the horror the Caliphate leaves behind.

Meanwhile, Barry left Tal Jiza and on his way to Lebanon with one of the Caliphate officers’ American wife, Jill who clearly regrets joining Caliphate. During their travel to Lebanon, it made him realize that he must stop running from his past. So, it looks like Barry is now going to take a stand and go back to Abuddin and claim his rightful spot.

The escalating situation in Ma’an has got Jamal upset with Tariq. Things are getting out of control yet they still try their hardest to maintain a facade that says otherwise in order not to cause panic and uproar in the region.

The Army of Caliphate are stirring things up this season. Somehow, it tamed Jamal and the power that he has now is causing him to mature. Sammy, Molly and Jimmy arrived in Abuddin.

Now, the question this episode 5 of “Tyrant” Season 2 is, who is Barry going to return to? With the Army of Caliphate, Jamal may be open to receive him with open arms but of course, Barry doesn’t think this.

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Photo source: Tyrant Facebook

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