Tyrant Season Finale Recap: Gone Fishing

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Tyrant Season Finale Recap: Gone Fishing
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The season finale of “Tyrant” did not disappoint. It exposed Bassam’s true identity. The years he has spent in America running away from his problems went down to reveal who he really is. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

In Episode 10 “Gone Fishing,” Bassam and Jamal were excited about their upcoming fishing trip that led to both of them to reminisce about the time that they went fishing when they were kids and who caught the fish. Bassam insisted that it was him who caught it, but Jamal said that it was him.

Meanwhile, Tariq was still being tortured by Ziad under Jamal’s orders. He even tried to negotiate with Ziad, telling him that he’ll make up names of traitors if Ziad revealed to him the real plan. However, Ziad has so much anger in his heart towards Tariq.

The coup was coming along great, with a new head of palace security and Hakim assigned to control the airwaves. Now, the only problem that they have is how will Bassam take care of Jamal. Bassam thought that he might just go talk to Jamal to give up the presidency and he confided this plan of his to Tucker, who thought that it was such a ridiculous idea because with Jamal’s ego, how can he let that happen?

With Bassam’s road to “glory” since everything was falling into place, he asked Fauzi to write him a speech as president, but Fauzi refused. However, with Bassam’s amazing ability to guilt trip and blackmail people, he was able to have Fauzi agree to do what he wants.

Just when Bassam thought that everything’s falling into place, there was a glitch: the State Department doesn’t want a coup anymore. Lea and Tucker delivered the news to him, and this angered Bassam so much. He was determined to handle the coup on his own, but Tucker thought that he might not be able to do this. When Fauzi delivered his first draft of speech to Bassam, which was very inspiring, Bassam hurriedly called Tucker and told him that he’s going to continue with the coup. Tucker hesitated at first, but once again, Bassam made him feel guilty and set him up for blackmail if he didn’t do what he wants. Just like that, Bassam was able to get what he wants. Oh, Bassam, everything’s all for you, huh?

As for Jenna and Emma, they decided to visit a shopping area out of town before they leave for America. This was not a really great idea because while having coffee in a café, they got pick pocketed, which left Emma with no cell phone and Jenna with no money. They were about to be arrested, but Emma told the cops to look up their names on the Internet so that they will know that she’s an Al-Fayeed.

Meanwhile, Jamal and Bassam were finally out on their fishing trip. During their trip, Jamal told Bassam of what his heart really wants. He told him stuff about how he really doesn’t want to become president, and if he could live simpler, he would; but they couldn’t because of their titles. If only their lives would be so much simpler, he knows that he and Bassam will closer to one another because that’s what matters to him the most. This was the perfect time for Bassam to talk to Jamal about backing out of presidency and leaving it up to him, but he didn’t. He waited until they can go back to the palace, which was such a wrong move.

The moment that they got into the palace and when Bassam was about to talk to Jamal, Tariq was there. Jamal knew Bassam’s plans all along, and he as very disappointed with his brother. He put his brother to jail, and Leila visited Bassam in jail to tell him that he’s the monster between him and Jamal. Jamal and Leila ordered the murders of the traitors, but Amira pleaded with Jamal to spare Bassam and let him go back to America with his family. However, Jamal didn’t think that it’s a good idea because he knows that that’s not something Bassam would do if he were in his position.

What will happen to Bassam now? Will there be a second season? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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