The Ultimate MCU Update: Drax Praying For a Guardians-Avengers Crossover, Loki Reveals Secret Plans With Ultron

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
The Ultimate MCU Update: Drax Praying For a Guardians-Avengers Crossover, Loki Reveals Secret Plans With Ultron
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Dave Bautista is really praying for a Guardians – Avengers crossover event. The fighter-turned actor said at a recent event that he hopes that the powers he has will make it happen at the MCU. Read on for more details.

In his recent interview with Screen Rant, Bautista revealed himself to be the ultimate crossover fanboy, saying that he prays every day, “…and night, and afternoon.” for ‘Drax’ to be in ‘the Avengers.’ He really wants to partake in some Avengers related action, it would seem.

“Yeah, of course I would. At the core of me is the biggest geek you’ve ever met. I’m a superhero fan first and foremost, and…of course, man, I want that to happen,” said said the 44-year-old MMA fighter/professional wrestler/actor.

Bautista appears as the lethal but incredibly pleasant ‘Mr. Hinx’ in the upcoming James Bond film ’Skyfall.’ In the same interview, he promised that the character will be nothing like anything seen in a past Bond film.

In the meantime, ‘Loki’ has revealed a secret collusion with ‘Ultron’ that we are, unfortunately, never going to see. At a recent interview promoting his upcoming film, “Crimson Peaks”, Tom Hiddleston told fans about his original appearance in “Age of Ultron.” Loki apparently had a quick cameo in ‘Ultron’, but MCU head-honcho Kevin Feige cut it because it wore the film’s plot thin. Hiddleston’s charismatic portrayal as the God of Mischief does tend to steal all the limelight whenever he is on screen, and seems like Feige got the same idea.

“When they screened it, audiences somehow believed that Loki was controlling Ultron, and [Kevin Feige] thought that was unbalancing the film,” said Hiddleston.

‘Ultron’ has already been blamed for having too many things going on in it, and a Loki cameo would probably have convoluted the plot even further. But this would have made Loki the prime villain in MCU, according to Cinema Blend. At Least until Thanos shows up in the upcoming ‘Infinity Wars’

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