Uncharted Movie Director Hints at Actor Who Plays Nathan Drake and Possible Filming Date

By Edson Kyle Encina | 2 years ago
Uncharted Movie Director Hints at Actor Who Plays Nathan Drake and Possible Filming Date
Uncharted movie director

Uncharted movie director Shawn Levy might have given fans a hint on the actor who plays the lead.

A long list of names were teased by the Uncharted movie director. Levy heard dozens of suggestions on Twitter on the actor that best suits the leading role. From action stars like Chris Evans and Chris Pratt to versatile actors like Oscar Isaac.

Some fans thought that Castle star Nathan Fillion would be fitting for the role. After all, he already has the name Nathan to begin with right? A report from Polygon pointed out the possible choices that the director is considering.

Nathan Drake’s Voice Actor Nolan North Should Play The Role?

But that would be highly unlikely since North doesn’t even have prior acting experience. So, who could be the best candidate to play as the brash and bold Nathan Drake? The Uncharted movie director explained that it could be anyone who’s “ruggedly handsome”. Of course, whoever that will be he needs to square-jawed and well built for sure. Levy added that possible Nathan Drake candidate had to feel right for him and for Sony pictures.

Uncharted movie director
Nathan Drake- crystal clear example of a brash, square-jawed adventurer.

The Uncharted movie director further teased the fans by saying that he could’ve mentioned the actor already. “Who knows?”, added Levy. So, who might be the actor that Levy was referring to? Maybe it’s a name that always popped up before when talks of Nathan Drake’s casting role surfaced. With so much possible candidates to play as Nathan Drake, it’s very hard to tell who it will be.

Regardless of who’s playing Nathan Drake, Shawn Levy is certain of one thing. And it’s that he wants to start filming as early as spring next year. The Uncharted movie director is eager to start the filming process as soon as possible. And that’s a good sign since fans wouldn’t want anymore delays. The film has been delayed long enough that fans thought it was going to be cancelled. Lets just hope that we’ll at least get to see a trailer by fall next year.

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