Uncharted Movie: Shawn Levy Talks Casting Nathan Drake, Film Expectations

By Tanya D. | 2 years ago
Uncharted Movie: Shawn Levy Talks Casting Nathan Drake, Film Expectations
Uncharted movie

A first ever Uncharted movie is happening, with Shawn Levy on board as director. In a recent interview, the filmmaker revealed his plans for Naughty Dog’s video film adaptation of the same name. He talked about his casting choices for Nathan Drake, the tone, and other expectations for the film.

Who will play Nathan Drake?

The director admitted in an interview with io9 that there has been no shortage of suggestions. However, he did not reveal who these actors are. Instead, Levy revealed that he has “started some very secret, low-grade conversations and explorations of actors.”

Likewise, Shawn Levy said he will let social media to the casting. He credited Twitter users for their fervor in picking out the best actors to play Nathan Drake.

Meanwhile, there have been plenty of names mentioned in the past, including Chris Pratt, who is rumored for the Indiana Jones role. Then there is also Robbie Amell (The Flash), Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast) and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural). Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Scott Eastwood (Suicide Squad), and Chris Pine (Star Trek) are also on the list. It remains unknown if any of these actors will be Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie.

Expect action-paced story with incredible visual effects

Likewise, Shawn Levy assured that the film will take inspiration from the video game. This means the film will bring to life the scenery and the action sequences in the game. Levy promised that he intends to bring the unrealistic action scenes and imagery in the game to the big screen.

“Those action scenes blow my mind in the game and if I don’t give that experience to audiences with the movie I didn’t do my job,” he said.

Tone and plot of the movie

In the same interview, the director revealed that the movie has a “really cool and unique plot.” Levy said that he and screenwriter Joe Carnahan made sure to have Nathan Drake’s characteristics work with the tone of the film. This means, fans should expect a fun, humorous and action-packed story. The Uncharted movie will be a treasure hunt-based film, which Shawn Levy assured would be “unique and super juicy.”

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