‘Undateable’ Returns with Bridgit Mendler For Season 2; What’s Up Ahead [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘Undateable’ Returns with Bridgit Mendler For Season 2; What’s Up Ahead [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Undateable | from the official undateable facebook page.

NBC’s “Undateable” is set to return on Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2015, with a new cast member. The show, which launched in the summer of 2014, is welcoming “Good Luck, Charlie” Disney star Bridgit Mendler as the waitress Candace in the second season, along with some adjustments to the storyline. Read on to find out more.

The character of Candace adds a new dynamic to “Undateable,” because, as one of the stars said, she’s not there as a dating prospect, but as part of the gang. David Flynn, who plays gay guy Brett in the series, describes Candace as “optimistic, bright-eyed and bushy tailed.” It’s refreshing to have her, considering the rest of the cast have been blighted by their hopes and dreams about love in the first season.

When the first series ended, Justin (played by Brett Morin) had his heart broken when his long-distance girlfriend broke it off with him. The rest of the characters have also had no luck finding their romantic partners and even argued over their ratings and profiles on an internet dating site.

However, as the second season begins, viewers will probably find the show evolving. According to Ron Funches, who plays Shelly, these dating losers will become more close-knit as ever and perhaps remind viewers of the vibe from a similar but older series “Cheers.”

“It’s about a bunch of people who can’t get dates. People who, for one reason or another, the outside world is harsh to them. And they find comfort with each other,” said Funches via Oregon Live. Funches added that viewers will get more glimpse of Shelly this season, as his life and his job will also be introduced in the storyline.

Chris D’ Elia, the show’s lead, also hints some growth for his character Danny. In an interview with SheKnows, the stand-up comic said that season two Danny will be softer and more sensitive, while his sparring buddy Justin, will be a lot less dorky.

Meanwhile, Mendler, who also a fast-rising singer, said in an interview with TV Line that her character will share plenty of moments singing with Morin’s Justin, who often breaks out into songs on the show. She admits that Candace could be set up as a potential love interest for him but won’t divulge anything more about this.

To welcome the new cast member, the group joined Bridgit Mendler in this entertaining and catchy video where the young star is singing “Undateable.” You can watch the video below.

Catch the premiere of “Undateable” Season 2 this Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on NBC.

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Photo Source: Official Undateable Facebook Page

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