Undateable Spoiler: Bridgit Mendler’s Candace Has Boyfriend Bad News [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Undateable Spoiler: Bridgit Mendler’s Candace Has Boyfriend Bad News [WATCH VIDEO]
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Bridgit Mendler’s newly introduced character on “Undateable” becomes the center of the story in this week’s episode, Season 2 Episode 2 “Candice’s Boyfriend Walks into a Bar,” which will air at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Read on for more details.

In the upcoming episode, truth-teller Candace (Mendler) finally gets an opportunity to introduce her boyfriend Trent to her new group of friends and the people she works with. Only, Danny (Chris D’ Elia), Justin (Brent Morin) and the rest of the gang think that the guy is a real jerk because apparently, Trent attempts to make a pass at Leslie (Bianca Kajlich)!

So, here’s their dilemma: should they tell Candace to ditch him? Danny thinks they shouldn’t meddle with the couple’s problems and he washes his hands off the situation. But the rest, especially Candace’s boss, Justin, thinks they have to convince her that she can find a better man.

But based on the confrontation below, Candace doesn’t seem to agree that her boyfriend is bad news. You can watch the preview in the video.

Meanwhile, in real life, Mendler has no such problems with her guy Shane Harper, as they are simply the cutest pair. In fact, the young actress was guest on the “Ellen” show recently. She and Shane took the time to take a photo together, which Mendler posted on her Twitter account.

As for working on her new show, the former Disney star admits that transitioning from doing a kids’ comedy to broadcast comedy on NBC seems like the right move and the right fit.

“I think a lot of things in life do have to do with timing, and so for me this show came along at the right place and time,” said the actress, who’s now 22 years old, in an interview with TV Line.

Her fans seem to think this is the right time, too. Deadline notes that the actress’ popularity with the younger audience on social media has had some significant influence on the show’s standing, when it really needs to breakout.

Have you been keeping tabs of “Undateable” and how are you liking the addition of Candace so far? In the meantime, check out the scene for this week’s episode below.

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