‘Undercover Boss’ Rewards ‘Bikini Babe’ with a Breast Augmentation

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
‘Undercover Boss’ Rewards ‘Bikini Babe’ with a Breast Augmentation

"Sometimes you just have to set some things right for the betterment of your business, even if it means giving one of your waitresses a boob job to keep her going at work. And that’s precisely what Texas "breastaurant" owner Doug Guller did! Read on for further details.

For the Dec. 28, 2014 episode of ‘Undercover Boss’, we are introduced to Doug Guller, the founder and CEO of Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, a chain of eateries situated in Texas. The place is aptly named because its female serving crew, who are coined as "Bikini Babes," wear bikinis for their uniforms.

Disguised as trainee Jake, Guller meets and gets acquainted with some of his staff. This includes two of the Bikini Babes, Jessica and Grace, the manager Meagan and the kitchen supervisor Henry. As per every end of "Undercover Boss" episodes, Guller reverts back to his big boss look and meets up with his people. From here on in, he either praises them for their work or takes them down to the gutter.

Guller starts by laying off Jessica for allegedly over-serving a customer and refusing to wear the required bikini top uniform while on TV. Fortunately, the others fared better. Henry got a well-deserved overdue raise connected to his long-ago promotion and a $10,000 trip for him and his family to enjoy. Meagan, on the other hand, received an 8 percent pay raise, better insurance, dental work for her daughter and $10,000 for her family’s move.

As for Grace, who apparently has been fired four times in the three years she’s been working at Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, she is given an incentive for being a good waitress and keeping up with the dress code. If she keeps up a good record at work for the next six months, then Guller will give her a leadership role in his business’ latest marketing efforts and a breast augmentation, which she has previously been gushing on to "Jake."

Almost instantly, the series’ Twitter page received comments on Grace’s incentive, most of them on the negative side. Then again, provided that she stops coming to work late and keeps her phone stowed way during working hours, Grace will get to prove them all wrong and get her heart’s desire all in one sweep.

Do you think Grace deserves to get her boob job? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ChaosMaster16, transferred from en.wikipedia


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