‘Underworld 5’ Movie Cast: Kate Beckinsale and Theo James Return!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Underworld 5’ Movie Cast: Kate Beckinsale and Theo James Return!
Underworld 5

Fans of the “Underworld” have something more to look forward to after news was confirmed that a fifth installment would soon be released on the big screens. Kate Beckinsale and Theo James were reported to reprise their roles from the previous franchise.

An exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter said that both Kate Beckinsale and Theo James have already signed a contract for the upcoming “Underworld 5” movie. The report went on saying the movie would be directed by Anna Foerster and would soon get the shoot started in Prague in October.

The follow up movie to the last installment, “Underworld Awakening,” is not the only surprise that fans can look forward to. Len Wiseman, Kate’s producer husband, told IGN that a TV series and a spin-off movie have already been planned. The writer/producer also confirmed that there are characters that they are most likely being created with a spin-off. This is comparable to “Rise of the Lycans” where the enemies of the vampires are given more attention.

He also continued saying that a lot of things are going to be expanded and that other works where Kate Beckinsale would also star were being materialized. Rumors have been going around that “Underworld 5” will be slated for release October next year. Meanwhile, Screen Rant said that given the date of production for the film, it is most likely that “Underworld 5” would be completed in late summer of 2016. The report also said that it could be possible for a January 2017 release date given that the project has entailed extensive post-production and VFX work.

However, Wiseman did not confirm the release date of the three projects that they have been keeping an eye so far. Wiseman said, “You tell me I don’t know, there are lots of releases out there that aren’t actually true.”

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