Underworld Awakening 3D Review

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Underworld Awakening

Kate Beckinsale had played in this thriller/action/fiction packed fourth installment of underworld series, Underworld Awakening, in the vampirish warrior role of Selene which is praise by the viewers of the movie.

The main theme of Underworld Awakening is based on the idea that lycans and vampires existing in this universe can cause danger for human being and those are to be vanished from the scene of the universe to let the human being survive peacefully.

 Selene, a vampire, is shown to be captured while escaping from imprisonment and kept suspended for experiments in a cryogenic environment for 12 years. She again tries to escape but was detained by another hybrid character of vampire and lycan, India Eisley, Eve. Now Selene fights with lycans to save the life of Eve and also unfolds the secrets of death-defying abilities during her journey. Underworld Awakening displays the enmity amid lycans, werewolves who can turn to be human, and the vampires as the movie proceeds further.

Underworld Awakening has an independent story line with a meager mentions of the previous movies of underworld series which are too clarified by the end of the movie, so, the people who had not seen previous versions of this series as they are going to loose anything. New viewers are going to enjoy the movie

3D and graphics are the main points of attraction with Underworld Awakening which presented a unique experience to the viewers but it takes time for the viewers to be habitual to the whole spectrum as the picturization is done through blue filters which make the scenes to be overdosed with dark images on the screen.

The story of the movie has nothing noticeable as Kate Beckinsale effectively uses a wooden gun to kill werewolves. She was not looking frightening while biting her prey as she was having soft face, nervous eyes in that scene. She assumed her costume to explain her terror in the movie. Beckinsale, on the other hand, appears to be hot but not lethal.

The makeup man had done his work well as he had given a glamorous but fierce and authentic look to the vampires. The spell binding action scenes in Underworld Awakening has the guts to pay the value of your tickets.

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