‘Unfriended 2’ In The Works! Sequel Release Date On 2016 [Watch Trailer]

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
‘Unfriended 2’ In The Works! Sequel Release Date On 2016 [Watch Trailer]

“Unfriended” may still be in the theaters, but a sequel is already in the works. Several reports claim that “Unfriended 2” is set to hit theatres in 2016.

According to IB Times, Universal Pictures have already given the green light to produce “Unfriended 2.” This came as no surprise given that the movie was such a huge blockbuster hit, despite a relatively cheap budget. The entire movie was made with only $1 million but has earned a whopping $25 million. Because of this, “Unfriended” has been compared with “The Blair Witch Project” (1999) which raked in $250 million with a $22,500 budget. The film also used the restriction of the laptop, the same way as “The Blair Witch Project” used a single camera.

“Unfriended” currently has a 61% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes. That may not seem much but it’s certainly higher than other films showing in theaters such as “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” with a 4% rating.

It has yet to be decided on what the storyline for “Unfriended 2” will be as the movie is still in the early stages of pre-production. Nelson Greaves, who wrote the first film, will also be penning the sequel.

In case you have yet to see the film, “Unfriended” tells the story of six high school friends who receive a Skype message at the anniversary of their classmate’s death. The six kids previously posted a humiliating video of the girl which caused her to commit suicide. They soon find out that their classmate’s ghost is out to take revenge. As mentioned, all the action takes place on the computer screen.

Check out the trailer for “Unfriended” below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”63718″]

There you have it on the latest news about “Unfriended 2.” Are you ready to watch the sequel of the supernatural thriller? Sound off in the comments below.

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