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Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday

The world will see a big celebration as Queen Elizabeth who is the head of the state of UK turns 90 next year. The royal family and the people of England are working towards making it a big affair for the queen. A unique birthday celebration is being organized for the special occasion. Read on to find more about the interesting events which will take place over four days of celebration.

Born in 1926, Queen Elizabeth became Queen at the age of 25 and reigned through several years of social development and change. As the Queen turns 90, several events will take place to mark her birthday. It will be conducted during the period from 12th May 2016 to 15th May 2016. The actual birthday of the queen being April 21st. Home Park, Windsor is the chosen destination for the upcoming celebration. It will involve the performances of dancers, musicians and chores which will be performed by renowned artists and actors of the respective fields. Though other members of the royal family will be present on all days of the event, the queen will be present physically on the last show only which will be broadcast live on television as well for the world to see.

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Also, during the weekend of Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday in the month of June national commemorations will take place with thanksgiving at the church of St Paul’s Cathedral and a street party will be held in The Mall and also Trooping the Color. For the Windsor event, the organizers are expecting the tickets to sell out quickly as they go on sale from today. It has been reported that the tickets which will cost anything between £55 and £165 for first three nights can rise up to £75 and £195 as the final night approaches. They also informed that the seats which are highly priced will have access to hospitality suite and also will be right next to royal enclosure. Apart from the above, 5000 free tickets will be provided for gaining access to a big screen showing the events that will take place on the final night in Windsor. The Guests on the red carpet can also be viewed on that day.

Simon Brooks-Ward who has been entrusted with the production and direction of the entire event was heard saying, “We’ve been working hard to make this a most unique birthday celebration.”We’re especially delighted with our plans to offer an extra 5,000 people the chance to be part of the celebrations through our balloted system for tickets on The Long Walk. This will take place in the New Year.”

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With 1500 performers, 900 horses and an estimated 25,000 people who will attend the show, it is but obvious that the wish of Simon Brooks-Ward and millions of other people will definitely be true and the birthday celebration will be one of its kind and unique. Stay tuned for more details as and when they are divulged by the royal family or the event managers.
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