United Arab Emirates in Running for David Beckham

By admin | 6 years ago

Back in 2009, David Beckham, while on loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy, appeared with AC Milan in Dubai for a friendly versus Hamburg from Germany. Milan has always had some of the world’s best players, but on that day, it was easy to see who was the main attraction – Mr. Beckham of course.

One blogger from Dubai made it simple – of course Milan have great players such as Ronaldinho and Kaka, but no one in football is famous like Beckham.

Fans from around the world flock to see the former star of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Galaxy. While he was in Dubai, additional security was needed even at the practice facility since so many fans arrived just to see Beckham practice.

Fast forward almost four years and Beckham is now free to sign wherever and with whomever he chooses. He is looking for a new challenge and has been linked to the United Arab Emirates and a move to Al Jazira.

For Jazira, the merits of a Beckham signing are obvious, they will obtain a world class footballer who might be passing his prime but still excelled during the recently completed MLS season.

The pace in the MLS is similar to that of the UAE, although Beckham has put his fitness at the top of his priorities, he would easily outshine the players on the pitch in the UAE.

Many believe that Beckham’s presence would help to bring out many fans that have stopped coming, as the league has a poor attendance rate and might unlock the huge expatriate market that is in the country. Many even believe the recruitment of Beckham would exceed that of Al Wasl’s signing of Diego Maradona as their coach last season.


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