Universal Confirms April 2016 Release of The Huntsman Prequel

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Universal Confirms April 2016 Release of The Huntsman Prequel

Universal Pictures sure has a lot cooking under the wings of its production as it is setting a promising movie release in 2016 with “Snow White and The Huntsman” prequel, “The Huntsman,” showing on April 22, 2016. Read on to learn more about this story.

Despite the many gossips that surfaced during the film’s release, Universal Pictures is keen on moving forward with the production for the prequel of “Snow White and The Huntsman,” “The Huntsman,” and they are setting it for release on April 22, 2016.

Deadline’s report stated that Frank Darabont was hauled in to direct the film just last month. The whole plot revolves around the premise of Ravenna and Eric (The Huntsman) and their shared history, which entails that their fates had long intersected even before they met Snow White. The prequel is basically set before the pale beauty of Snow White came into existence. This indicates that there will be no reprising role for “Twilight” star Kirsten Stewart. However, it is clear that Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron will be coming back to assume their roles as the Huntsman and Ravenna in the epic action-adventure movie, respectively.

From Comingsoon, Darabont, the recently appointed director of the film, is known for his works in “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile.” He is not only assuming the directorial position, but also the one working on the first screenplay draft for the film together with Craig Mazin and Evan Spiliotopoulos. The person producing the film is the one who was also behind fantasies “Maleficent” and “Alice in  Wonderland” — Joe Roth.

With most of the cast coming back to assume their roles, Universal Pictures will not be holding back their sources as they will be doing the same engagement from the previously created “Snow White and The Huntsman.” The 2012 pic had a $170 million budget, and it managed to gross up to $400 million in its final earnings.

Bringing such prequel into actuality, the viewers cannot help but be curious about the storyline of the upcoming feature film. What indeed is the true link between Ravenna and the Huntsman? Is it possible that they might have had a romantic history before Snow White came to be? What do you think? Post a comment below!

That wraps the scoop for the recently confirmed prequel, “The Huntsman.” Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for the latest news in the entertainment world.

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