Universal Studios Or Paramount Pictures – Who Will Strike A Deal With Steven Spielberg?

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Universal Studios Or Paramount Pictures – Who Will Strike A Deal With Steven Spielberg?

The critically acclaimed director Steven Spielberg is said to part ways from Disney possibly after the release of his upcoming movie “The BFG,” an adaptation of Roald Dahls’ book. It is speculated that Steven Spielberg is in talks with Universal Studio for his future endeavors. Read on to find out more about the scoop ahead.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg is preferring a deal with Universal, as he has worked with them a lot since 80s’ and he can possibly crack a deal even if he gets less favourable terms in the agreement. The agreement with Walt Disney is soon to expire in August 2016. “War Horse” the war drama and “Lincoln” an epic historical movie are currently under the distribution and marketing rights of Disney.

Earlier, there have been instances where Spielberg and Universal almost signed agreement but Brad Alan Grey, CEO of Paramount Pictures grabbed the deal, that was in 2006. Paramount Pictures looks up to the sources and find a way to get this deal done again as they have no big projects in hand. Paramount Pictures has released only 12 movies in 2014 and a deal with DreamWorks can bring them back to top notch block buster category again.

A close aide from Universal stated that the studio would be glad to get associated with DreamWorks but to confirm anything now will be premature. The officials will make a formal announcement as everything gets materialized. But as of now DreamWorks is left to battle for finding a suitable distribution partner.

Steven Spielbergs’ latest flick “Jurassic World” has crushed the box-office records and has become this year highest grossing film.

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