‘UnREAL’ Cast Dating: Freddie Stroma & Johanna Braddy Dating In Everlasting Love

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago

Freddie Stroma and Johanna Braddy, co-stars of Lifetime’s hit drama “UnREAL” have found “everlasting” love in the set and are dating in real life!

During a cast Periscope via Entertainment Weekly on August 3, Constance Zimmer who plays producer Quinn on the show reveals the big secret.

“Can I give you guys some really insider information?” Constance asked. “You know sometimes those reality shows are real and people do stay together and find each other on the show.”

Panning the camera at Freddie and Johanna Zimmer reveals that they are couple and we made true love.  Constance continued. “Little did you guys know that we had real love behind the scenes of our show.”

For those of you who are not much familiar with the show,  the story revolves  around Adam Cromwell – bad boy suitor played by Stroma, who is looking for love on a Bachelor-like series titled “Everlasting” and Braddy plays one of the eligible bachelorettes hoping to win over his heart.

Well! Braddy has won over Stroma heart in real life stepping away from the reel characters.

When it comes to player behavior, Johanna is lucky as that Freddie doesn’t have much in common with Adam. In fact, in a recent interview with Us Weekly, the Harry Potter actor admits he lacks skills in charming the ladies. He says he was never a player and being a all-boy boading school he never had much game.

Freddie Stroma also adds- “I am seeing someone right now.” Perhaps it’s even everlasting!

While season one finale of UnREAL has been aired on August 3, the second series of the season has been renewed.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Johanna Braddy

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