unREAL Recap: Wife

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
unREAL Recap: Wife
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unREAL” Season 1 Episode 4 “Wife” aired last Monday, June 22, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on Lifetime. In this episode, Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby) was tasked to produce a romantic date at Adam Cromwell’s (Freddie Stroma) dilapidated vineyard; and she was asked to get Adam to smooth things out, after a tabloid magazine printed a story about his ex-fiancee. Meanwhile, Quinn King (Constance Zimmer) finally retaliated against Chet Wilton (Craig Bierko), and a figure from their past reappeared, who threatened Chet. At the end of the day, however, both Adam and Rachel realized that in between bargaining and asking for favors, that there is always a sordid price to pay for everything and anything. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby) and Jay (Jeffrey-Bowyer-Chapman) gave some of the girls invites for a romantic date at Adam Cromwell’s (Freddie Stroma) vineyard. Afterwards, Adam praised Rachel’s new look, as she looked nice. Jeremy (Josh Kelly) thanked Rachel for talking to their boss, Quinn King (Constance Zimmer), as he had managed to get the director of photography job for the show. The three of them went to Adam’s vineyard. It was only to discover that they all had to work overtime to fix it, as it was quite dilapidated.

Back at the “Everlasting” mansion, Quinn made it clear to Chet Wilton (Craig Bierko) that they were officially over. Because of this, Chet asked Jay to go out with him tonight and to get him a limousine with some girls, and drugs.

As soon as Rachel came back Quinn showed her that Starcatcher, a tabloid magazine. It had just printed the story about Adam texting his ex-fiancee, and told her to make him publicly apologize for it. Rachel then got the phone back from him and insisted that he apologize to the girls. Afterward, Rachel asked Chet for help as Adam had back taxes on his property which was why the county wouldn’t allow them to turn on the power at his vineyard. Chet then told her that he would call his friend Brooks Mackey (Roark Critchlow) to fix it, and told Rachel that she owed him.

Inside the limousine, Jay tried to pitch him his idea for a new show, but Chet wasn’t really listening so much to him.

Meanwhile, Quinn met up with Bill DeYoung (JR Bourne) a former flame. At dinner, it was revealed that Chet had stolen the idea of “Everlasting” from both of them.

Afterward, the girls became upset at Adam after Athena (Natahsa Burnett) found the tabloid magazine. Rachel had deliberately threw it near her, in order to set Adam up. After consulting with Rachel, Adam managed to convincingly apologize to all of the girls.

The next day, at Napa, Rachel got surprised by the arrival of Adam’s potential investors. She then told him that she would help him if he managed to kiss one of the girls in front of the others during their wine tasting session. However, before leaving, he kissed her on the mouth, which Jeremy caught on tape. Adam then kissed Mary (Ashley Scott). Rachel ushered the investors into the chapel at the vineyard so that Quinn when she arrived, wouldn’t see them. However, Adam became disappointed after discovering that they didn’t want to invest if his father wasn’t involved in it.

Quinn arrived with Bill, to spite Chet who had brought his wife along with Brooks and his wife, who had been talking to Adam earlier. The two men then fought each other before Bill walked away from the set.

Jeremy then learned that he had gotten his new job on his own. He became upset at Rachel for lying that she was the one who had gotten him the job.

Later that night, Athena was sent home. It was despite the fact that she thought that she and Adam had an agreement to keep her in the top four so that she could be his wingman.

Later, Chet pulled Adam inside. He told him that Brooks would be a silent partner along with Chet if they made the vineyard into an Everlasting resort house, and if he would sleep with Brooks’ wife while they watched. Rachel saw this as she had been looking for Adam, and Chet waved her away, which caused her to realize that she might not like what Chet had in store for her as payback. Adam then tried to apologize, but Rachel just told him to leave.

Rachel then apologized to Jeremy, who told her to watch herself around Adam. Confused, Rachel, watched the tape of earlier that morning, and as she deleted it, realized that she might be having feelings for Adam.

Quinn then fired Jay from the show after discovering that he was beginning to work for Chet over her. It was also after discovering the plan to turn Adam’s vineyard into a resort. He warned Jay that Chet would just use him dry and not give him anything in return.

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